Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Paperback's Pondering's: My Bookish Bucket List!

Paperback's Pondering's is a weekly discussion when I take a topic and well, ponder about it! This week's topic is about tall the bookish things that I would like to achieve in my lifetime; or at least, in my blogging lifetime!

There are many things that I want to do that involve some sort of reading or writing. They are my dreams, and I wanted to share them!

1. I really want to attend BEA or some type of Bookcon.
To be able to just be surrounded by a bunch of new books, authors and people who share the same passion as me is a dream! Unfortunately BEA is no where close to where I am, but one day :)

2. I want to meet an author!
This one is relatively simple, as author signings are quite common, but I still haven't had the chance to go! I really want to meet someone who has put a big impact on me, that would be so cool!

3. I want to tweet/meet/have any sort of interaction with J.K. Rowling!
Any chance that I could get for her to notice my presence would honestly make my lifetime! She had such an impact on my childhood.

4. I want to write a book!
This one may be crossed out soon because I've just signed up for NaNoWriMo, but it's always been my passion.

5. I want to be on the New York Times Bestselling List!
Very hard to achieve, I know, and it will take a lot of work, but this has been on my radar ever since I was a kid.

6. I want to meet a blog buddy!
The people on here make me so happy and are always so supportive, but sadly, most of you live so far away :( One day, I am determined to make it happen!

That's it! Hopefully some of these things will happen, but even if they don't, I'm sure that my life will be great no matter what I achieve.

Do have a bookish bucket list? What's on it?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. These are all so great! I've just started writing a novel, although I didn't sign up for the NaNoWriMo. Good luck!

    Anyway, I have nominated you for some awards. Check it out

  2. Hi, I just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for two awards :)

  3. I agree, it would be so cool to interact with an author or attend a book convention. And I've had the same New-York-Times-Bestseller dream for years too, haha! :) Congrats on signing up for NaNoWriMo and good luck!

    1. Thanks Kira! It would be really cool to be a bestseller:)

  4. Yes to your entire list, especially number one and six. I'm from the middle of nowhere and I'm too broke to go to a bookcon and then I would love to actually meet a book buddy in person. I feel like it would be awesome to meet someone who is passionate about books online and in person.

    1. I just wished I lived closer to a big city :( And hopefully one day I will meet someone!

  5. Awesome list; 1 and 3 especially! I've always wanted to go to a bookcon but they're never held near my home town. :( And an interaction with J.K. Rowling would just be out of this world!!

    Ashton :: Beauty, Books and Babble

    1. Thanks Ashton! I would probably just freeze up in front of J.K. lol

  6. I'd like to write a book. I always start, but I've never finished one. I'm hoping this NaNoWriMo I'll be able to do that.