Sunday, 31 July 2016

Month in Review: July

Hello all! I can't believe I'm already halfway through summer :( This week has been absolutely crazy as my grandparents are having their vows renewed to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, so my family has been crazy busy planning the party. But overall July was a great month.

What I Read: 

Les Miserables by: Victor Hugo
Gone Girl by: Gillian Flynn
A Court of Thorns and Roses by: Sarah J. Maas
Room by: Emma Donoghue
Snow Like Ashes by: Sara Raasch
Since You've Been Gone by: Morgan Matson
The Start of Me and You by: Emery Lord
Anatomy of a Misfit by: Andrea Portes

Favourite book: Definitely ACOTAR! I'm so happy I took everyones advice and read it, and I just started ACOMF! Can't wait to see what happens!

 Blogging Things of the Month:  

I was very on top of blogging this month and managed to be very productive! My favourite post however would have to be my 2 Year Blogiversary post. It was such a milestone that I'm so grateful for.

I also joined a book club as co-host this month! Cover to Cover Book Club was started by Temecka @ Library of Tomes and Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review! It features a book every month and a twitter chat at the end of the month to discuss! Go join it for some awesome reads :)

Favourite Blog Posts of the Month: 

Erin spreads her Appreciation for Harry Potter. 

Temecka discusses Meeting Her Favourite Author. 

Erin discusses bringing Eleanor and Park from Pages to Pictures. 

Geraldine explains how to deal with New Canons in the Harry Potter World 

Blogger of the Month: 

This month's blogging shout out goes to Lais @ Harumansae Books! Lais has always been so lovely in her comments, and she frequently shows an appreciation for my posts. which means a whole lot. Even though I can't comment back because I don't have a Tumblr, her posts are original and so awesome! Go check her out!

Personally of the Month: 

Like I said before, this month has been crazy but also so enjoyable. I went to two concerts. 5 Seconds of Summer and Nick Jonas and Demi Lovato, which both were so awesome!! I'm so grateful for music.

My grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary was yesterday, and we had a huge party. I'm also going on vacation today to celebrate with them. Because of how crazy this week has been with celebrations, I have not had time to schedule posts for next week while I'm on vacation, so no new posts will be going up next week. But I'll try to stay active on Twitter!

Also, this is a PSA that the new Harry Potter book came out today. If you have not gotten it, go do so. I have to wait a week to receive mine :(

That's pretty much it! Hope everyone had an awesome July and I look forward to talking to you all in 2 weeks!

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Cheers to 2 Years!!!

On this day, two years ago, Paperback Princess was born!! It came from a bored teen who wanted to get her writing out, so she started writing book reviews. She thought that it would be a simple summer hobby that would soon end, But it turned into so much more than that.

This post is to say thank you. Thank you to every reader, blog buddy, or Twitter friend who has made these past 2 years some of the best moments of my life. I have created friendships that are special beyond belief, been given opportunities that I probably never would have been motivated to complete if it weren't for this blog, and have given myself the confidence that I need in my writing. You guys mean more to me than you could ever imagine.

My Accomplishments 

In the past 2 years, I have surpassed 16k pageviews and have a combined 119 followers on my blog and on Bloglovin'. This may not seem like much to some, but to me it gives me enough validation that someone out there is obviously reading.

1735 comments have been written since I've started blogging, and it means the world to me. Comments keep me going. They allow me to meet new blog buddies and start conversations with people. I appreciate every single comment I recieve.

I also have 140 Twitter followers and 40 Instagram followers that again, hold special bookish relationships with me. I look forward to everyday where I am able to chat with you guys on social media.

I attended a book signing for the first time and was able to meet some of my blog buddies in person! That was the coolest experience ever and is something that I will never forget.

If it wasn't for my blog, I would have never participated in NaNoWriMo and would have NEVER sat down and completed an actual book. It was the support from you guys that pushed me to write, edit and write some more, and now I can proudly say that my WIP, is actually taking flight. This is only the beginning.

The Thank You's 

Now comes a very sappy and emotional time where I get to shoutout to every person who has made a difference in my blog life. I hope to God I haven't forgotten anyone:

First to Cee. I'm not sure when we started commenting on each other's blogs but all I know is that ever since then you have managed to comment on every single one of my posts. Even if it's something you probably aren't interested in, you make sure that I have at least one comment on my post. This means so much, because you take the effort to show me that someone cares. So thank you, thank you so much for doing this, because it really and truly makes my day.

Geraldine. What can I say about you?! You are so kind, so, so kind, and I hope you realize that. You are supportive, creative, and I am proud to call you my blog buddy. Not a day goes by where I'm not thankful for being able to communicate with you.

Sierra and Temecka. Both you girls are so passionate about the books you love, and I absolutely love chatting with you two! Whether it's fangirling or complaining, I absolutely love sharing opinions with you guys and you're both always so kind.

Ruzaika! OMG YOU ARE LITERALLY SO LOVELY! Every comment of yours is so thoughtful, insightful and appreciated, Your comments make my day because you always seem so excited about something and you let me know if you really liked a post of mine. Your comments always make me feel happy inside :)

Ranu. I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH! Even though you've been absent recently, I couldn't ignore how great of a blog buddy you are to me. You're such a genuine person, as well as very helpful. I appreciated every book rec, opinion or compliment you gave me, and you were the first person I genuinely considered a very close blogging friend,

Denise! I feel like we're best friends even though we've never met! You leave such heart and appreciation in your comments, tweets, or anything really, and you never fail to make me feel appreciated. Thank you for being such a positive light in this community.

Kate. You're one of my oldest blog buddies! You've been there since we were both wee little bloggers, and I'm so happy that we've still managed to keep this going. I can't wait to start these editing services with you, as you are a passionate person with some great creativity.

Thank you also to these lovely people who I can always count on chatting to on Twitter, Blog, or even Instagram! I appreciate every single one of you and all that we talk about:

Charlotte, Annika, Anna, Emily, Lila, Serena and Sasha, Chioma, VeronikaBryce, Lais, Erin, Nia, Mishma, Zoe, Tika, Erin, Jillian, Megan, Kira and Michelle.

Even if your name isn't mentioned here, if you have even only interacted with me once before, please know that I appreciated it! Every interaction is a special one, and I am so thankful and so fortunate to have an amazing group of people to talk to. Whoever said online friendships aren't real ones, clearly hasn't met this community. Here's to many more years to come.

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Paperback's Pondering's: I Hate How English Classes Handle Required Reading

Paperback's Pondering's is a weekly discussion when I take a topic and well, ponder about it! This week's topic is basically me ranting about how much required reading annoys me.

Being fresh into summer, I can officially state how much I hated Grade 11 English. English SHOULD be my favourite subject, however once we got into required reading my mark seemed to drop and I felt so stressed over it. Now why would my mark drop over reading, wouldn't it go up? Well the answer is because I hate how English classes handle required reading.

We had to read the book Oryx and Crake by: Margaret Atwood this year. Now I have nothing against Atwood, I'm sure she's a talented person, but this book was gross, twisted, and way too scientific for me. It was also boring as hell. Now what annoyed me about required reading wasn't just how bad the book was, because let's be honest, usually the English books we have to read are crap, but it's the actual questions and "significant" moments that we have to look into.

The questions on our tests for this book were literally structured as: "what was the colour of Jimmy's quilt that he sleeps on in chapter 25"? Now for a reader, one may not be worried about answering questions like this, however for me, I DO NOT REMEMBER insignificant moments like that in books! It's just not important!

The point is, that English classes try to find some significance in absolutely EVERYTHING in a book. Maybe this is just my opinion, but the colour of someones t-shirt is not important to the overall prop and therefore should not be a question! Teachers need to understand that maybe some things were just added to a book to add detail, but they don't mean anything.

Then what annoys me is having to completely BS some answer on the test such as "Jimmy ate pizza over chicken nuggets because he felt pressured by social expectations to eat the pizza". No, he just ate the pizza because he WANTED TO EAT THE FREAKING PIZZA! People look way too far into books for English.

Required reading actually turns me off of my all time favourite hobby because it asks way too much. I thought English was supposed to be subjective, but it seems like I'm always forced to look way too far into something when I know, the author knows, and Barack Obama knows that it doesn't mean anything! So please English teachers, let's focus on the actual major plot points in a book and not on the colour of a freaking curtain.

Do you like how required reading is handled?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Friday, 22 July 2016

The Raven King by: Maggie Stiefvater

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Published: April 26, 2016 by: Scholastic Press
Pages: 439
Rating: 5/5 stars

*highlight white text to reveal spoilers*

Time is running out for Gansey to find the Welsh King Glendower and save himself from being killed. He has spent months with his friends, Blue, Ronan, Adam and Noah, and finally the gang may have found a lead to where the king is buried. But with a magical forest that may not be on their side, they must be quick in making their choices, as it could be the end for Gansey, and the end of The Raven Boys as they know it.

WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW ONE OF THE BEST FINALES TO ANY BOOK EVER! I have pretty much been on a Raven Cycle kick these past couple of months, and this book left me laughing, crying, sobbing and gasping all the way through. Ms. Stiefvater managed to make an absolutely wonderful conclusion, and this is one series that I will never let die.

The ending was something so unexpected that it kept me flipping pages just to see what happens! I literally broke down into tears when Gansey asked Blue to kiss him, I thought that it would be all over for him. But then he came back and I was like WOAH! I've never been more relieved with a book in my life. The ending gave me so much closure and left me feeling content and happy.

Each character got an equal amount of page time and I was so thrilled with Adam and Ronan finally getting together! It was like FINALLY THE SHIP I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! It was amazing to see their relationship blossom, and they are by far my favourite relationship of the series. 

The one-liners in this book were once again so hilarious and amazing, and I love how this series isn't all drama. It can be relatable, it can be sarcastic, and it can be so hilarious sometimes! Like I said before, you will laugh, you will cry, and you will be happy.

So that's it for all my Raven Cycle reviews! I'm so thankful that I picked this series up, as it has literally changed my life for the better.

Have you read The Raven King? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

The Harry Potter Tag!

Thank you so much to Veronika and Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques and Lila @ The Book Keeper's Secrets for tagging me to do this awesome tag! This is the first time I've done a Harry Potter themed tag :)

Flagrate- Writing Charm 

A book you found the theme interesting but you'd like to rewrite:

Throne of Glass by: Sarah J. Maas! The premise was very cool and mystical, but the book was way too heavy. I'd make it a bit more easy to understand.

Alohomora- Unlocking Charm 

A series where the first book made you hooked:

The Raven Boys by: Maggie Stiefvater!!! I fell in love with the characters from that moment.

Accio- Summoning Charm

A book you wish you could have right now:

A Torch Against the Night by: Sabaa Tahir!! Ugh August 30 is SO FAR AWAY!

Avada Kedavra- Killing Curse 

A killer book:

Frayed by: Ava Terzis!! This thriller has such a KILLER ending!!

Confundo- Confusing Charm 

A book that you find very confusing:

Life of Pi by: Yann Martel is confusing in a good way. It makes you think, and choose the ending you want.

Expecto Patronum- Patronus Charm 

Your spirit animal book:

PERCY JACKSON EVERYDAY!! This book is like a best friend to me.

Sectumsempra- Dark Charm 

A dark, twisted book:

I don't usually read a lot of dark books, so I would say The Perks of Being a Wallflower because it deals with a lot of dark themes such as drugs, molestation and suicide. It's still a really great book though!!

Aparecium- Revealing Charm 

A book that surprised you in a good way:

A Court of Thorns and Roses by: Sarah J. Maas!! I assumed this book would be so heavy and boring, but it was actually pretty funny and witty at times.

That's it! Thanks to Veronika, Ruzaika and Lila! I'd like to tag these bloggers to complete if they'd like:

Cee @ Diary of a Reading Addict

Anna @ Annaish 

Geraldine @ Corralling Books 

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Conversations: Reading Book Series: Yay or Nay?

Conversations is a fortnightly discussion hosted by Geraldine @ Corralling Books and Joan @ Fiddler Blue. Head on over to their blogs for all the information on these posts! This week's topic is about the pros and cons of book series.

My answer to this question is: YAY! Book series are SO GREAT and I think that they can literally take over someones life. These past couple of months I have been so into a particular book series, The Raven Cycle (gosh when is she gonna shut up about this series?!) but anyways, that is living proof that a book series can change your life. It gives you something to be engrossed in.

The thing about book series are, they allow your favourite story to be carried on through a number of books! It's not like you have to read so slowly to savour a standalone that you absolutely love, you can just keep reading and reading with all your favourite characters and your favourite settings! There is no need for grieving about the ending of a book.

I also think that series look so good all standing together on a bookshelf? The coordinating colours and covers just leave something so appealing to the eye, and it can also be very satisfying to a reader. It shows that you support this author and you are addicted to this series!

Book series are great because each book adds a new element to the overall plot. It seems like putting together pieces to a puzzle, and then once you get to the end it's like finishing the puzzle. It's all very emotional and yet so rewarding to put all those pieces together.

Even though a conclusion to a book series can be upsetting and perhaps even sadder than a standalone, I sometimes like the sadness sometimes. Obviously all good things have to come to an end, and I think it's up to the reader to make sure that the series doesn't die.

So overall, series are the absolute best way for a reader to become absolutely obsessed with a book and carry it on with them for their entire life. It's an emotional connection that I think every bookworm needs in their lives.

What do you think about book series?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Friday, 15 July 2016

The Wrath and the Dawn by: Renee Adhieh

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy, Retelling
Published: May 12, 2012 by: G.P. Putnam's Sons Books for Young Readers
Pages: 388
Rating: 5/5 stars

For months, King Khalid of Khorasan has taken a bride from a family, only to kill her after one night. This dreadful fate happened to Shiza, the best friend of 16 year-old Shahrzad. Shazi vows to avenge her friend's death, by becoming a bride of Khalid, but killing him, before he kills her. Khalid soon becomes intrigued by Shahrzad, and night after night is too wrapped up in her enchanting stories to kill her. But what happens when Shazi starts falling for the murderous king? Will it be a betrayal of her friend, or could it unlock the secret to the reason behind his killings?

This book was fully and wholeheartedly one of the best books I've read in 2016! I was captivated by the Arabian culture, fully engrossed into the diverse characters, and the whole book seemed so magical and enchanting. This book was something so unique and yet also stays true to a classic retelling of A Thousand and One Arabian Nights.

You will fall in love with Shazi's character! She is fearless and strong, but also so beautiful inside and out. She has a very mystical persona to her, like you don't know how she's really going to react until you read. I loved how she was very unexpected.

This book seems like poetry in a sense. It is so descriptive, but in a very good way that allows you to really visualize a scene and feel like you're in it. This book really plays up the sensory imagery, but I think that's what captivated me even more to read it.

Let's not forget about a huge component of the book: the retelling. I have never read A Thousand and One Arabian Nights but this book gave me a great YA portrayal. It kept up with the Arabian stories and themes beautifully, and it felt like something out of Aladdin. I loved hearing Shazi's stories.

Overall, this was a beautifully diverse retelling that I think would capture the attention of anyone. Give it a go, it's great.

Have you read The Wrath and the Dawn? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

The 100 Question's Tag! (More like 50 Questions)

Thanks to Cee @ Diary of a Reading Addict for tagging me to do these whole bunch of questions! For old times sake I'm only going to do 50, but I think that's a good effort right? *cracks knuckles* let's get started!

1. Closet doors open or closed? 

Closed all the way, so a monster doesn't come out and kill me.

2. Do you take shampoo bottles from hotels? 

No, but my mom does.

3. Do you sleep with your sheets tucked in or out? 

Out! I hate feeling stuck when I want to move around.

4. Have you ever stolen a sign before? 

Can't say I have.

5. Do you like to use post-it notes? 

No, I am not that organized.

6. Do you cut out coupons but then never use them? 

No way! Whether it's promo codes, contest entries, or coupons, I must use them!

7. Would you rather be attacked by a big bear or a swarm of bees? 

A big bear all the way. Bugs are my absolutely worst nightmare.

8. Do you have freckles? 

No :(

9. Do you always smile for pictures? 

I used to not smile because I had braces that I was self-conscious of, but since having straight teeth now I can't smile enough!

10. What is your biggest pet peeve? 

Posers. I hate it when people pretend to be something they're not just because they think it makes them look cool. Just be yourself!

11. Do you ever count your steps when you walk? 

No, ain't nobody got time for that.

12. Have you ever peed in the woods? 

Ewww no way!

13. Have you ever pooped in the woods? 


14. Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing? 

No, I need music to get my groove on.

15. Do you chew your pens and pencils? 

No and anyone who does grosses me the frick out.

16. How many people have you slept with this week? 


17. What size is your bed? 

A queen, I like to sprawl out.

18. What is your song of the week? 

Probably I Dreamed a Dream from Les Miz, because I recently read the entire book so it's been stuck in my head since forever.

19. Is it ok for guys to wear pink? 

Of course!

20. Do you still watch cartoons? 

If the opportunity came, probably, but I don't really watch a lot of regular TV nowadays.

21. What is your least favourite movie? 

Idk, I only really watch movies that I know I'll be interested in.

22. Where would you bury hidden treasure? 

I wouldn't bury it because I'd forget about it. I'd probably spend it.

23. What do you drink with dinner? 

Always water.

24. What do you dip a chicken nugget in? 

Sweet and sour sauce!

25. What is your favourite food? 

Potatoes. Anything with potatoes in it I will eat.

26. What movies could you watch over and over and still love? 

The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Aladdin or any of the Harry Potter movies.

27. Last person you kissed? 

My dog :)

28. Were you a girl/boy scout? 

Nope, never was.

29. Would you ever pose nude in a magazine? 

Hell no!

30. When was the last time you wrote a proper letter? 

I honestly have no idea.

31. Can you change the oil in a car? 

No, I don't even have a licence yet.

32. What's your favourite Yankee candle scent? 

Anything that has coconut in it!

33. Favourite author? 

Skipping over this question...

34. What's your favourite kind of sandwich? 

Anything with avocado in it.

35. Best thing to eat for breakfast? 

Honey nut cheerios.

36. What is your usual bedtime? 

11:00 typically.

37. Are you lazy? 

Depends on the situation.

38. When you were a kid, did you dress up for Halloween? 

Yup, and I still do!

39. What's your Chinese Astrological sign? 

I actually don't know!

40. How many languages can you speak? 

Just English fluently, but I can brokenly understand Italian and French.

41. Do you have any magazine subscriptions? 

No, I don't really read magazines!

42. Coke or Pepsi? 


43. Are you stubborn? 

Not really actually!

44. Leno or Letterman? 

I've only ever seen Letterman's show, so I guess him.

45. Favourite TV shows? 

Oh gosh, here we go:

Grey's Anatomy, Gilmore Girls, The Bachelorette, Full House, How I Met Your Mother, and just recently, Glee.

46. Are you afraid of heights? 

Not at all

47. Do you sing in the car? 

If you don't sing in the car, what else are you really doing actually?

48. Do you sing in the shower? 

Ever since I've gotten a shower speaker, yes!

49. Do you dance in the car? 

That I do not do.

50. Ever used a gun? 

No, considering those are illegal in Canada.

That's pretty much all I can manage! Thanks again to Cee for tagging and I'd like to tag anyone interested!

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Saturday, 9 July 2016

The Crown (The Selection #5) by: Kiera Cass

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Dystopia
Published: May 3, 2016 by: Harper Teen
Pages: 279
Rating: 2.5/5 stars

*highlight white text to reveal spoilers*

The time has come. Princess Eadlyn has spent months wondering if she even wanted a Selection, but now it is time for her to pick her spouse. After her mother's illness, more of a strain than ever has been put on her father, King Maxon, so now it's time for Eadlyn to step up to the plate. Now Eadlyn must choose to go with her head, or her heart.

I went into this book quite upset to let go of this series. I fell in love with America and Maxon's story, and these books were as addicting as they were dreamy and fluffy. Now we all know how most people feel about Eadlyn, and while she did undergo some change in this book, I was overall disappointed with the conclusion.

I did like the remaining selection boys in the book. I felt like because they were more narrowed down, you could see their personalities more and some of them really shone through. I again really loved Kile, he was such a cutie.

You can't deny that these books are addicting. They pull you into this fairytale dreamland of princesses and good looking men fighting over her love, that it all seems like the YA version of The Bachelorette. I do love how easy to get through these books are, and they are great for any reading slump.

Now to why this book was an overall very disappointing finale. Eadlyn did undergo some change in the book, she was a lot less annoying, however there was no rhyme or reason as to how she changed. The book never shows her seeing the light and realizing how annoying she is, which I really wished had happened.

I was also very disappointed on how the selection turned out. The fact that Kile was dropped of the face of the earth and sent to banishment made no sense to me. The fact that she picked Henri when they literally had no chemistry whatsoever until there were only 3 chapters left in the book. and also the fact that two characters were literally just made to be gay so that they could be knocked out faster. Not cool at all.

So overall, the ending was a huge let down and I'm really upset with how this series took a turn for the worst. I think it just goes to show that Cass should have left it at American and Maxon's story instead of introducing this terrible protagonist and even more anti climactic love story.

Have you read The Crown? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Raven Cycle Book Tag!

Thanks to the awesome Temecka @ Library of Tomes for nominating me to do this awesome tag about one of my favourite series! I was so excited to do this :)

1. In the books, Maura is the relaxed mom that is Blue’s friend more than an actual mother. Who is your favorite mom character?  

Definitely Molly Weasley from Harry Potter. I mean, how much more badass can you get?

2. Adam wanted to go to Aglionby so he could one day escape where he came from. Have you ever dreamt of living somewhere else? Where? 

I've always wanted to live in London England! I just find it so cool and the culture there is amazing. 

3. In the second book we meet the Gray Man. He is a hit man who loves poetry. Name a book that you thought was going to be one thing but turned out to be something else.

I thought that The Hobbit by: J.R.R. Tolkein would be as mystical and magical as everyone said it was, but it was just plain boring. 

4. Gansey has searched most of his life for a buried king who is promised to grant one wish. What is one wish you would ask Glendower? 

For Hogwarts to be real and for me to be a wizard. 

5. In this series you get to see Greenmantle as a fleshed out character but also as a villain. Name your favorite villain. 

Definitely Voldemort himself! He was so evilly good. 

6. Blue’s got her Raven Boys. Who makes up your bookish team?

1. Harry Potter, because he's Harry Potter. 
2. Gansey, because he's Gansey. 
3. Hermione, because we need some brains. 
4. Katniss, because we need a kickass female. 

7. Ronan is a bad ass with a sensitive side. What book have you read that was action packed but had beautiful emotional scenes as well?

I would say Harry Potter could have been very emotional at times but would obviously pick up at the end! 

8. Noah has a heart of gold. Who has touched your heart recently? 

Can I say Noah? 

9. Calla is a woman who speaks her mind and puts her foot down when necessary. Who is your favorite strong female character? 

This may be repetitive, but always and forever Hermione Granger. 

10. Chainsaw is an awesome Raven boy pet. If you could have one “exotic” pet…what would it be? What would you name it?

I would have a monkey and name it Abu just like in Aladdin. 

Thanks again to Temecka for tagging! I'm tagging all you Raven Cycle fans out there! 

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Conversations: What are the Do's and Dont's for Someone who wants to Read Your Books?

Conversations is a fortnightly discussion hosted by Geraldine @ Corralling Books and Joan @ Fiddler Blue. Head on over to their blogs for all the information on these posts! This week's topic is the do's and dont's of borrowing books.

I actually don't usually have a lot of people borrow my books because not a lot of people close to me like to read. Ironically however, recently my cousin asked me to borrow some of my favourite YA's because she wanted to get more into reading, and I swear that brought a tear to my eye. Now while i obviously didn't bombard her with any rules on how to take care of my books, I'm pretty trustworthy of her, I guess if I WERE to give my books to someone not as trustworthy, these would be the rules I would want them to follow:

1. DO take them outside. I wouldn't want anyone to feel scared to take my books outside, read them in public, etc. so as long as they're obviously not reading them in a swamp or something, I would want them to read where they feel comfortable.

2. DON'T read them in the bath. Oh god now this scares the crap out of me. Not only the possibility of dropping it in the bath but just perhaps the wet fingerprints on the pages. Please, have some common sense that water and paper do not mix.

3. DO ask me if someone else I know saw you with the book and would like to borrow it afterwards. I'd like to keep track of where my book is, and I'd have no problem with someone else borrowing the book afterwards, but not behind my back.

4. DON'T dog-ear the pages to track your page. What kind of animal does this?! If you don't have a bookmark, cut a piece of paper, use a 5-dollar bill I don't care! But don't fold over the pages.

5. DO be honest with me. If an accident did happen, don't try and cover it up. I'd be more understanding if you were upfront than getting a sneaky surprise when I open up the book later.

These are pretty much the only rules I would really want anyone to follow when reading my books. But really, as long as you can trust the person, I definitely wouldn't be one to hand them over a set of rules. After all, I wouldn't want to scare them away from reading, I would want them to feel welcomed and comfortable.

Do you have any rules for borrowing your books?

Emily @ Paperback Princess

Friday, 1 July 2016

Blue Lily, Lily Blue (The Raven Cycle #3) by: Maggie Stiefvater

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Published: October 21, 2014 by: Scholastic Press
Pages: 391
Rating: 5/5 stars

Blue Sargent has been fully accepted into the group of her Raven Boys, and she is confident being with the ones she loves. However when her mother disappears, her world seem to unravel as Gansey's death looms closer, Glendower is still to be found, and friends start questioning their loyalty. Blue will do anything to find her mother, but at what cost?

Remember how I said that the Dream Thieves was my favourite of this series? I lied, this book has become my favourite of this series. Blue Lily came back stronger than ever, once again building up the suspense for the search of the Welsh King and building upon new relationships. This book gives a different look at the world Blue thought she once knew, as well as provides new pieces to the puzzle.

Blue took sort of a back seat in the Dream Thieves, but she came back stronger than ever in this book and became all the more amazing. She searched tirelessly for her mother, sacrificed so much and gave it all for her friends. Blue is a class act, and had an incredible voice in this book.

This book was so lyrical, it was almost as if the entire thing was a poem. It flowed so nicely, that even the tense moments seemed soothing. I loved how this fantasy is less action and more emotion, but still keeps you fully engaged and interested. You cannot help but keep reading.

My little ball of sunshine Adam was once again amazing, Ronan all the more sarcastic and precious, Noah a little cutie, and Gansey... well he's Gansey, so I have to say anymore? Not much more to say than the fact that these boys get better and better with each novel.

I also want to give a shout out to the cover of this book. I think this book cover is my favourite of the series, the colours work so well together and it's just so pretty! Then again, all of the covers in this series were done so well.

There isn't really much left to say now. Once again this book was beautiful, suspenseful but somehow also so calm. If you haven't already gotten the message from my previous reviews, you need to read this, you just need to.

Have you read Blue Lily, Lily Blue? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess