Thursday, 1 October 2015

The Sunshine Blog Award!

Thank you very much to two lovely bloggers, Konstantina @ The Reading Armchair and Becca @ The Bookkeeper's Apprentice, for nominating me for this award!

The Rules: 

Answer the 11 questions provided for you.
Nominate other bloggers.
Ask them 11 questions of your own.

Konstantina's Questions: 

1. Which is your most anticipated book?
Carry On by: Rainbow Rowell! I loved Fangirl, so I really want to see wear the story left off. 

2. Do you read graphic novels? Which is your favourite one?
I do not. I  read one when I was younger called Smile Raina Telgemeier, and that was pretty cute :) 

3. Which was your favourite book so far this year?
Probably The Throne of Glass series. It is so talked about and it really surprised me. 

4. Do you like winter?
Hate it. I'd much rather be hot than cold, and winter in Canada is on a whole other level. 

5. How would you like to spent the Halloween?
By just sitting in front of my tv watching Halloweentown on Disney Channel and eating sour patch kids. 

6. Who are your top 3 authors?
John Green, J.K. Rowling, and Rick Riordan. They all made iconic books that impacted my life in some way. 

7. Is there a series that you would like to be continued, although it doesn't?
Isn't is obvious?! It would definitely be the Harry Potter series. 

8. How do you choose which book to read next?
Basically just based on the mood I'm in, or if I've been anticipating the book. 

9. Would you buy a book because it has a beautiful cover?
I don't think so. Covers aren't a huge factor to me. I mean, I appreciate a nice cover, but I always look at the plot first. 

10. Do you prefer detailed descriptions or witty dialogues in a novel?
Witty dialogues. Description irks me to no end! 

11. Which book would you recommend?
Paper Towns by: John Green. A great coming of age! 

Becca's Questions: 

1. What's one book you started, but never finished? 
After by: Anna Todd. It made me so uncomfortable. 

2. What was your favourite book you had to read for school?
Life of Pi by: Yann Martel. It was chilling! 

3. If you could only take three books with you on a long trip, which three would they be?
Harry Potter, Paper Towns and Eleanor and Park. Such amazing novels! 

4. What book would you love to see turned into a TV series?
The Throne of Glass series! But it was recently announced that a tv series might be in the works, so fingers crossed! 

5. Is there one genre of book you never read?
I don't think so. Maybe science fiction? Most books I read can fit into more than one genre, but I haven't read one strict science fiction. 

6. Where is your favourite place to read?
On my bed with a candle burning! 

7. Which fictional setting would you love to visit the most?
Hogwarts of course! One day... 

8. Do you collect anything, and if so, what?
I do not. I used to have a hefty collection of Harry Potter posters, but that has since passed. 

9. What was the first book you ever read?
On my own, probably the Magic Treehouse series by: Mary Pope Osborne 

10. What's one popular series/book you've just never been able to get into?
Twilight! I just can't do it! 

11. Do you like hot weather or cold weather better?
Hot weather all the way! 

My Questions: 

1. Do you eat while reading? What is your favourite snack? 

2. Have you ever read a book and loved it, but a lot of people didn't like it? 

3. Favourite children's book? 

4. If you were on a deserted island and could have one fictional character with you, who would it be? 

5. Which book character would you want as your boyfriend/girlfriend? 

6. Favourite heroine? 

7. Favourite subject in school? 

8. What is your favourite bookstore to buy books from? 

9. Favourite book to movie adaption? 

10. Have you ever damaged a book by accident? 

11. Do you prefer romance or more action-packed books? 

I'd like to nominate:

Kira @ The Book Club
Ranu @ The Araliya Bookshelf
Charlotte @ Bookmarks and Blogging

And anyone else interested!

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Thank you for the nomination! Your questions are great and I'm already coming up with answers for them. I can't wait for Carry On, either; I need to know what it's going to focus on and what the plot is going to be like. And I like cold weather better - the more knitwear the better, if you ask me!

    1. I can't wait to see your answers! I'm ok when it comes to fall, but once the weather hits below zero I go into hibernation lol!