Monday, 25 August 2014

The Beginning of Everything By: Robyn Schneider

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Tragedy, Comedy, Coming of Age

The Beginning of Everything has easily become one of my favourite books. One of my favourite youtubers, Ingrid Nilsen, recommended this book in one of her videos. She explained it to be funny, and heartwarming, with a good message. When I saw it in the book store, I decided to give it a try. It did not disappoint.

The book follows Ezra, a popular high school senior who tragically gets in a car accident, which shatters his leg. His social life is ruined, as nobody wants to be seen with "the boy with the cane". He finds a new crowd of debate club members, and befriends the new girl, Cassidy. Cassidy is unique and confident, and teaches Ezra to be himself and not to go with the "in crowd". They eventually fall in love, but when another tragedy strikes, Ezra begins to wonder who he really wants to be: the popular golden boy, or himself.

I really enjoyed this book, as it was a different take on tragedy. The book was witty and adorable, and was not at all depressing, despite the theme. This book is a great coming of age novel, because it is about a teen struggling with identity. I think that most teens would be able to relate to this book.

I liked this book because it was different. The book did not have a perfect ending, it had a realistic ending. The books theme's were relatable, and the book had great advice throughout. I also liked how the book was not predictable. There were many "plot twists" which I didn't expect at all. The book was kept interesting.

The author did a great job at capturing the message of this book, which was that everyone will get a personal tragedy, but it's all about how they respond to it. They could complain about it, or do something about it. This could change the outcome. Overall, I would rate this book 9.5 out of 10 stars, for it's beautiful message, and advice.

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