Wednesday 6 August 2014

Looking for Alaska By: John Green

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romance, Drama

Looking for Alaska is a book by one of my favourite authors: John Green. After reading his book, The Fault in Our Stars, I decided to read some of his other novels. Looking for Alaska was not what I expected from this author, but it was still a very good book.

The story features Miles, a teenager who is obsessed with famous people's "last words". He is sent to a boarding school, where he meets his new friends: a witty boy named Chip, and a wild-child Alaska. Miles is immediately drawn to Alaska, however she is not interested. The book follows Miles and his friends, pranking the school, especially the warden. Miles grows closer to Alaska throughout the book, and learns more about her past. Alaska tells him many confessions about her life, which eventually leads to a tragedy at the end of the book.

I wouldn't say that this book has a happy ending, but I also wouldn't say that it has a sad ending. This book had many ups and downs. The book was kind of confusing in some parts. I feel as if some parts in the book were irrelevant to the plot. Also, there were some quite "dirty" parts in this book. This book is quite mature.

John Green was very descriptive throughout this book. Sometimes this was a good thing, and sometimes it was a bad thing. There were parts where I applauded his choice of wording, the quotes were magnificent! However in some parts, especially the mature parts, the book was a little "too much information".

Overall, this book was very mature. It was a good book, however some parts could be a bit disturbing. I don't think that this book is appropriate for everyone. Then again, every book has it's age group.

I did enjoy this book. The quotes were incredible, and the ending was cute. The friendship between Miles and Alaska was unbreakable. They really did care for each other. I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars, for the descriptive plot.

Bye for Now!

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