Friday 9 December 2022

Month in Review: November

I'm back from vacation, I'm ready for Christmas, and 2023 is just around the corner! Here's what I got up to in November: 

What I Read: 

The Comfort Book by: Matt Haig: 5/5 stars 

Adult Onset by: Ann-Marie MacDonald: 3/5 stars 

When The Reckoning Comes by: LaTanya McQueen: 5/5 stars 

The Weight of Blood by: Tiffany D. Jackson: 4/5 stars 

The Love Hypothesis by: Ali Hazelwood: 4/5 stars 

Five Little Indians by: Michelle Good: 3/5 stars 

Favourite book: The Comfort Book by: Matt Haig was exactly what I needed this month. This book lives up to its title. It's a comforting book about how to handle stressors and practice good mental health. It was also my first Matt Haig book and didn't disappoint. I know Haig suffers from anxiety and panic attacks and I think he just gets it right when it comes to how to practice healthy coping mechanisms. 

What I Blogged: 

I took a teensie break from blogging while I was away, but still managed to post a mixture of discussions and reviews. My favourite post of the month was my review on Scarborough by: Catherine Hernandez. I've been wanting to review this fabulous book for a while, and getting to talk a little bit more about a neighbourhood close to my family was quite enjoyable. I found this review very easy to write. 

Favourite Blog Posts of the Month: 

Cee asks: Why Do You Hate Me? 

Marie shares 8 Unforgettable Books I've Read in 8 Years of Blogging 

Greg features Post-Apocalyptic Covers 

Life Stuff: 

November was busy, semi-stressful, and full of fun. Near the beginning of the month my sister moved to Ottawa, which has been an adjustment as I get used to just being alone with my parents for the first time ever. But, we reunited near the end of the month to go to Italy for a week with my dad. The Italy trip was very fun, but very not so fun on my anxiety. This was my first time travelling since having panic disorder and really bad OCD, and my intrusive thoughts and panic ramped up from the time we landed until about halfway through the trip. But, I was able to find the fun in a lot of moments throughout the week, and I am proud of myself for not completing freaking out and sending myself home. I will definitely have to work on what went wrong in therapy, so hopefully trips in the future can go a bit more smoothly. 

In December, I hope to ward off the plethora of illnesses that have been going around (hello flu season!) and hopefully have a fun Christmas. I have a few parties to go to and gatherings that I'm excited for, so it will surely be an eventful month as well. 

That was my November. How was yours? 

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. I'm sorry your Italy trip was peppered with anxiety - though it sounds like you did enjoy it overall. May I ask where you've been?

    1. I'm definitely proud of myself for going! I mainly stayed in my dad's town of Alessandria, it's up north. But we took day trips to Milan, Turin, Bologna and Modena. Any of those places in close proximity to you? :)

    2. Nope. I'm in Tuscany. But I've been to Bologna and Modena, and I love it there!

  2. So glad you managed to have some good times in Italy! You're amazing! *hugs*

    And thank you so much for linking to my post!!! <3

  3. I can't wait to read The Comfort Book and the Love Hypothesis. They are on my physical shelves, patiently waiting...

    I went to London for the first time since I'm on medication and on an audio therapy for my Panic and Anxiety disorder. Had some anxiety while flying and one of the evenings, but felt much better than I did before my medication.

    I'm glad to hear that you did find joy in some moments during your trip! Good job for going and staying! <3

    Have a great December :)

    1. That's great that you've seen the benefits of medication! I too am on meds but am thinking of a change since I did get really bad panic. Meds can be a lifesaver.

      I hope you enjoy The Comfort Book! That book, in a way, is its own form of medecine.

  4. Your Italy trip sounds wonderful! OCD and anxiety can absolutely make traveling hellacious, so I'm glad you were able to enjoy the trip in spite of those challenges.