Wednesday, 7 September 2016

The Real Neat Blog Award!

Thanks so much to Thomas @ Intro to Blurb for nominating me to do this award!

The Rules: 

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to them.

2. Answer the 7 questions they gave you.

3. Think up 7 more questions and nominate 7 other bloggers to answer them.

The Responses: 

1. Turn to a random page in the book you're currently reading and read a quote.

This is from Me Before You by: Jojo Moyes:

"I can tell you the exact day I stopped being fearless".

2. Can you read on long car journeys?

Absolutely not! I get incredibly nauseous and people who can read in the car are freaks of nature in my opinion!

3. Favourite breakfast cereal?

Honey Nut Cheerios!

4. Is there a literary trope you adore, but are afraid to admit for fear of immediate shunning from society?

To be honest, I don't mind love triangles all that much! I enjoy reading about someones relationships with different people, and I love predicting who they're going to end up with!

5. What is your favourite time period to read about? Any must reads from said era?

I love reading about the 1920's! Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a YA set in the 20's, but the Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald is a great classic that I love!

6. Favourite pizza topping?

Spinach. I have no shame whatsoever.

7. Play "Snog, Marry Kill" with your favourite fictional characters.

OH MY. My favourite fictional characters are Harry Potter, Leo Valdez (from The Heroes of Olympus) and Adam Parrish (from The Raven Cycle) THIS IS SO HARD!

Snog: Adam. I couldn't marry him because he belongs with Ronan but I couldn't bear to kill him so I'll snog him.


Kill: Harry. I'M SORRY I'M SORRY! The other two characters are just so precious that I couldn't dare. And Harry's come close to death many times, maybe he's used to it?

My Questions: 

1. What book is your guilty pleasure read?

2. Switching it up with Thomas' question: Play "Snog, Marry, Kill" with your LEAST favourite characters.

3. Favourite book to movie/tv show adaption?

4. What book genre would you erase from this world? i.e. eliminate all books in said genre.

5. Are you a cat person or a dog person?

6. What exotic animal would you have as a pet?

7. Which fictional character would you want to bring to life and be your best friend?

My Nominees: 

Temecka @ Library of Tomes 

Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review 

Cee @ Diary of a Reading Addict 

Veronika and Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques  

Becca @ The Book Keeper's Apprentice 

Bryce @ Novels to Song 

Katelyn @ KatieeDidd 

Of course, don't feel obligated to do this tag, but if you do, I'd love to read your responses!

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Harry's come so close to death that maybe he's used to it?! XD you have no idea how hard I'm laughing right now!

    Thanks for the tag! <3 :)

  2. Honey Nut Cheerios are a great breakfast item. I can't believe you chose to kill Harry Potter! Though Leo is precious.

    1. It was a tough decision! But I couldn't bare killing poor Leo :(

  3. I totally agree about people who can reading cars being freaks of nature- how even?!! Wait a'd kill Harry? We are no longer friends, I'm sorry-not-sorry. Buuut you did nominate us, so you are forgiven. Kinda. Not really... :D We don't do awards on the blog, but thank you so much for the nomination, Em! Truly means a lot!

    1. I'M SORRY! It's just with the people I had to work with I don't think I had any other choice than to let Harry go :( He's pretty brave though, right?! No problem, Ruzaika!