Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #17 Books I'd Read if I Had a Book Club

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme from The Broke and The Bookish that allows users to share their top choices of the topic of the week!

I used to be part of a book club in my library up until high school, but then my library stopped running it. Since then, I haven't joined another one but I would love to find another to join! Here are my stop picks that I think would provide great discussion.

1. Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher
This book was very serious and I had a lot of theories about it. It would be great to hear other experiences/theories.

2. The Fault in Our Stars by; John Green
I mainly picked this book because of the many mixed opinions from other people it has received. I personally loved the book, but I'd love to hear other people's thoughts who didn't like the book. I'm always curious.

3. City of Bones by: Cassandra Clare
Now, this one is the opposite. I did not like this book, but I would love to hear the opinion of those who did. I feel like if I heard others opinions, I could be able to give this book one last chance. I'm really trying so hard to like this series.

4. The Alchemist by: Paulo Coelho
 I found this book to be very confusing, so I think I would find a better understanding when discussing it with other people. I did have to read it in my English class last year, but I'd like to get other bookworm's opinions.

5. It's Kind of a Funny Story by: Ned Vizzini
 I actually haven't read this book. Like TFIOS, it received mixed reviews, and I think would provide great discussion with the heavier topic.

6. The Selection by: Kiera Cass
The Selection was amazing and I can't wait to read the rest of the series. I think that it would be a great, lighter book against all of these heavy topics, and we could all just provide insight on our theories as to who America will end up with.

7. The Book Thief by: Markus Zusak
I am currently reading this book, and I love it so far. I think it would be great to throw in a historical fiction into the book club because of the connection between fact and fiction that could be made.

8. After by: Anna Todd
There are so many things that I could say about this book, but we'll save that for a review. The point is, I didn't like it, but it would be a great discussion with those who both agreed and disagreed. I also would like to hear the opinion of maybe a bookworm who is also a fan of One Direction.

9. We Were Liars by: E. Lockhart
This book was soooooooo good that I would love to fangirl with others. I also think that we could have good talks about the plot twists, the ending and the uniqueness of writing.

10. The Beginning of Everything by: Robyn Schneider 
Definitely one of my favourite books that I read last year, and I really just want to rant and fangirl about the ending to someone. 

That's it for my picks! If you had a book club, or if you have one, what books would you want to read? 

Bye for Now! 
Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. All these are fantastic!The book Thief and The Selection would be so awesome to talk about. Thirteen reasons Why also would be a wonderful book. :) Great top ten!

  2. I loved the Selection! I agree, it would definitely be the lighter read among heavier topics present in books like Thirteen Reasons Why (which I have yet to read, but am anticipating.) City of Bones would be a fun one, too. If I was in this club, I'd probably rant about how rotten banana-y Jace seems until later books. I would love to discuss TFIOS too; I personally enjoyed it, but I will admit I saw what was coming in the end (although that didn't stop me from crying). Thanks for sharing, Emily <3

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. Thanks, Claire! I would highly recommend Thirteen Reasons Why however it is a very emotional book. Great nonetheless. I completely agree with you on Jace. Sometimes he could have been so rude and obnoxious! And I really predicted the ending to TFIOS, I think we all did, but it still made me cry.

  3. This is a great list! The first time I read TFIOS, all of my friends were reading it for the first time as well. (Does that count as a book club?) Anyway, I've read a lot of these books too and liked them, especially The Book Thief -- it's one of my absolute favourite stories and I hope you enjoy it! I'd like to read some of these books, especially The Alchemist, which I've heard is really good. Nice list!

    1. I just finished the book thief and I absolutely loved it! The Alchemist was pretty good, it's just a lot of detail. Hope you enjoy!