Sunday, 25 January 2015

I Mustache You Some Questions

Thank you very much to Jillian @ Jillian's Books for tagging me to do this adorable post. Hopefully you'll get to know a little more about me.

Four Names That People Call Me (other than my real name): 
1. Emer- my aunt called me this as a child, and they name kind of stuck. 
2. Emerly- my mom calls me this as a play on the name "Emer", to sound more like Emily. 
3. Erm- my sister calls me this, because she used to call me Ermely. 
4. Emmy- this is the most normal of the four! 
Four Jobs I Have Had: 
1. Coffee-seller for charity in my school. 
2.Lunch-monitor for the younger grades in my elementary school. 
3. Assistant religion teacher for Grade 8 students. 
4. Student. Does this count? 
Four Movies I Would Have Watched More Than Once: 
1. All the Harry Potter movies- need I say more? 
2. Christmas Vacation- this is a staple every Christmas! 
3. Pitch Perfect- this movie is freaking hilarious. 
4. The Perks of Being a Wallflower- I love both book and movie. 

Four Books I'd Recommend: 
1. The Harry Potter series by: J.K. Rowling- need I say more?
2. Paper Towns by: John Green- perfectly adorable.
3. Eleanor and Park by: Rainbow Rowell- so different yet so cute!
4. The Great Gatsby by: F. Scott Fitzgerald- my favourite classic book!

Four Places I Have Lived: 
1. Arizona, USA- I lived here when I was very little for a few months. 
2. Ontario, Canada- I was born and raised here. 
That's it! 
Four Places I Have Been: 
1. USA- Arizona, Virginia, Florida, Washington, New Jersey, Maryland etc. 
2. Europe- France, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, England. 
3. Carribean 
That's it! 

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now: 
1. Disneyworld 
2. London, England 
3. A library 
4. Australia 
Four Things I Don't Eat: 
1. Brussel Sprouts 
2. Tomatos 
3. Mushrooms
4. Strawberries
Four of My Favorite Foods:  
1. Cheese 
2. French Fries 
3. Bread 
4. Pepperoni Pizza 
Four TV Shows That I Watch: 
1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians- I'm not even ashamed to say this. 
2. The Big Bang Theory 
3. Dancing with the Stars 
4. The Celebrity Apprentice 

Four Things I'm Looking Forward To This Year: 
1. Passing my math exam (which I really should be studying for right now.) 
2. Going to One Direction's and 5 Seconds of Summer's concerts in August. (I am in a lot of music fandoms as well) 
3. Passing grade 10 with honors (hopefully) 
4. Dyeing my hair for the first time in the summer (hopefully I won't chicken out) 
Four Things I Am Always Saying:
1. Could you not?! - It's becoming a part of my regualar vocabulary. 
2. STOP CLAUDIA- In reference to my sister. We argue a lot, but I guess that's normal with twins. 
3. TBH- "to be honest". I say a lot of internet slang. 
4. Alrighty- I never just say "alright" 
My twin specifically asked to be in this post, so here she is. She's on the left, and I'm on the right. Do we look alike? 

So that's it! I would like to tag anyone who is interested in writing a post :) Thanks again to Jillian! 
Bye for Now! 
Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Ooh could I try this? I've been seeing it everywhere but haven't gotten tagged yet.

    1. Yes, of course Kate! I'd love to read your answers :)

  2. Jill tagged me too, so I'll be doing this soon. I sooo want to be in London right now :D I love cheese and bread too, sooo good!

    1. I see pictures of London everyday and I just wish I could go there! It looks so beautiful!

  3. Hurray you did the tag :D I hate Brussels Sprouts, tomatoes, and even strawberries as well! (Wow look at all those healthy food huhu.) I've also been to Europe, though I never visited England. I'd love to see more of Europe soon, it's such a beautiful place :') Also, I'd re-watch all HP movies too! WHO WOULDN'T? Haha :)

    Lovely post! Glad you answered them all, and it's very nice to know more about you! :)

    1. Thanks for tagging me, Jillian! Europe is so gorgeous throughout, I'd love to visit more places too! I try to force myself to like fruits and vegetables, but I just can't do it! And I could re-watch the HP movies ten times over.

  4. great answers! and you've been in Germany too! that's so great bc well. I haven't heard of a lot of people visiting my homeland 😁

    xo Anne @

    1. Thanks, Anne! I loved Germany when I went, it was gorgeous! I really want to go back during the Christmastime, it would be so beautiful!

  5. I actually don't mind Brussel Sprouts for some reason.

    I'm reading The Great Gatsby at the moment! I'm about halfway through and so far it's amazing. The writing is simultaneously so beautiful yet accessible and the story is really captivating. I think Fitzgerald really managed to get to the heart of his generation with it. Hopefully the second half will be just as good as the first! I'll probably do a review of that on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on how much time I spend procrastinating on the Internet.

    1. I mainly loved the great gatsby because of how beautiful and unique the writing was. I'm so happy you like it!

  6. Great tag! I thought this tag was so cute. I love all your answers, and TBH your sayings are great! Alrighty (haha, using your vocab) is that your sister??? Oh my goodness, what's it like to have a twin? I have a sister, but she is two years ahead, not seconds ahead or anything. Perks of Being a WallFlower is amazing, love it! Great post!!

    1. Haha my sayings usually catch on to other people! Having a twin is pretty cool, you always have someone to talk to your age, but I always wondered what it would be like to have an older sister or brother. And I agree, the perks of being a wallflower is a beautiful book :)