Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Top Ten Tuesday #14 Most Anticipated Debuts Of 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme from The Broke and The Bookish that allows users to share their top choices of the topic of the week!

I applaud debut books because I feel as if they are the starting point to the author's career. Everyone remembers the first book an author wrote! Here's what I'm looking forward to in 2015. 

1. The Night We Said Yes by: Lauren Gibaldi 
This looks like such a charming and fun book, which I think would be a perfect summer read. 

2. Written in the Stars by: Aisha Saeed 
Definitely a different book than what I would normally go for, about a Pakistani girl sent back to Pakistan after she falls in love with a boy who is not who her parents arranged for her to marry. I think it will be great to learn about a different culture's traditions, with a hint of romance in there as well. 

3. The Distance Between Lost and Found by: Kathryn Holmes 
 A great contemporary novel about 3 enemies forced to lean on each other for survival while lost in a forest. 

4. The Way We Bared Our Souls by: Willa Strayhorn 
A fantasy and contemporary book about 5 teens who trade their biggest burdens in their lives with each other's and how they try to support everyone's weaknesses. 

5. Tiny Pretty Things by: Sona Charaipotra 
This dramatic novel is about 3 girls fighting to be prima ballerina at their prestigious school. They manipulate and backstab to get what they want. A bit different, but it looks interesting nonetheless. 

6. Valiant by: Sarah Mcguire 
This book is a fantasy about a young and unlikely tailor fighting to save her father's life, and her kingdom from being overrun by giants. 

7. Where the Staircase Ends by: Stacy Stokes 
A paranormal-type book about a girl literally walking up a stairway to heaven, and reconnecting with her past along the way. This looks really emotional! 

8. Love Fortunes and Other Disasters by: Kimberly Karalius 
Another romance book about a girl who finds out that she will never find love from a fortune teller, and all that she does to reverse that fate. 

9. Proof of Forever by: Lexa Hillyer 
A book about lost friendship, this book tells the story of 4 former best friends transported back to the best summer of their lives, in an attempt to save their friendship. 

10. Seven Days by: Eve Ainsworth 
This is a very eye-opening book about the perspective of the bully and bullied in a high school. I feel like this is great because it is relevant to issues going on in most high schools now. Many can relate. 

What debuts are you looking forward to? 

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Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. I'm so excited for all of these new 2015 debuts! Although some aren't out yet, I'm anticipating many of these. On your list, I'm anxious namely for Red Queen, The Distance Between You and Me, and Proof of Forever, but I'm also looking forward to Love, Fortunes, and Other Disasters, and The Night We Said Yes. Great list :D

    Claire @ Cover to Cover

    1. All of these books look so suspenseful, it's going to be a great year of books that's for sure!

  2. All these books look fantastic! Especially The Way We Barred Our Souls and Love Fortunes and Disasters. Seven Days also looks great. :) I applaud the authors as well! Great, great, great list!

    1. Thanks Erica! So many talented authors this year :)

  3. We have so many awaited releases in common! I LOVE books about friendship, and I honestly can't wait to finally read Proof of Forever. Where The Staircase Ends really does sound like an emotional read but I'm hoping there will be many happy moments along the way, and that the story will end on a happy note. Tiny Pretty Things sounds fantastic and I love the cover too!
    Aww so many wonderful books will be out this year!

    1. I agree, debut books will rule 2015! Books about friendships are great pick-me-ups, they're just so cute! I hope Where the Staircase Ends isn't too sad. I'm sure it will end somewhat happily.

  4. I am SO excited for The Night We Said Yes!! It sounds wonderful :D Ohhh, I have an arc of The Way We Bared Our Souls, so that's what it's about! xDI love Love, Fortune, and Other Disaster's cover. So cute!! Nice picks :)

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. The Way We Bared Our Souls will definitely be ithe first debut I read it this year! Hope you enjoy it!