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Anna and The French Kiss (Anna and The French Kiss #1) By: Stephanie Perkins

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Romance
Published: December  2, 2010 by Dutton Juvenile

I feel like I am the last blogger on this earth to have read this book. I have heard countless reviews on this book, but never got the chance to read it. Until a couple of weeks ago when I finally took the plunge and got it! I do understand why everyone loved this book, however it was not one of my favourites.

The book follows high school senior Anna Oliphant, and her struggles to adjust to life at a boarding school in Paris. There, she meets St. Clair, a student who is everything she could have ever wanted in a guy. However, he has friendzoned her. Anna and St.Clair's journey throughout the year leads to some surprising discoveries about themselves, and about their past lives.

Now to the positives of the book. I have a love-hate relationship with romance novels. Sometimes they can be really boring, and have no plot. This book was interesting. The book contained some plot twists, which kept it interesting. I loved the characters, especially St. Clair. He was such a gentlemen, and the way he treated his closest friends was adorable. I liked how the author kept up with a good plot, and how she didn't make things too focused on the romance. There was a bit of drama in the mix as well.

However, there were some things that I did not enjoy. The book, while containing some plot twists, was a bit predictable. I find this with most romance novels. Now don't get me wrong, I'm all for a happy ending, however it kind of ruins the purpose of the book if you know how it will all turn out. The book could be, at times, a little slow especially during the beginning. However, once I got to the middle of the book, it picked up and I actually quite enjoyed it.

Overall, this book is great if you love strictly romance novels. I would not say that you would find action and suspense in this book. However, everyone has their favourite genre of book. Not all books are for everyone. I did like this book. By the middle, it was quite enjoyable and I actually admired the way the author wrote the characters. They were great! However, I am always drawn to suspense and books that are a bit more unpredictable. I would rate this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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