Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Around the World Book Tag!

Thank you so much to Geraldine @ Corralling Books for tagging me! I love to travel, so I knew I had to give this tag a go :)

1. Sailing Across the Seas- A Book about Travelling (bonus points if it's across a sea!)

My experience: I don't think I've ever sailed across the sea before, but I have taken a short ferry boat across the Mediterranean before, and the islands surrounding it were beautiful!

My book: The Blood of Olympus by: Rick Riordan has a large chunk on a boat, so that's my choice!

2. Fine Dining- A book with amazing descriptions of food

My experience: The best meal I ever had while travelling was tempura-fried tofu in Niagara-on-the-lake, Ontario! Now this isn't exactly a journey to get to, but it was part of my vacation so I'm counting it ;)

My book: Obviously The Wrath and the Dawn by: Renee Adhieh! That book's descriptions of food are mouthwatering.

3. From Motels to Hotels: A Book with an Unexpected Surprise

My experience: My family and I once stayed in a hotel in Rome that was off the charts gorgeous! It had beautiful columns, a huge courtyard and gardens, and literally looked like a Roman temple. It was incredible!

My book: The Host by: Stephenie Meyer. I did not have high hopes for this book at all because of my distaste for the Twilight books, but the plot was so complex and the characters were out of this world amazing!!

4. Miscommunication: A Book that's Hard to Understand

My experience: German was a really hard language to grasp when we were away. Luckily my mom's cousin lives in Germany and really helped us with the translations, but on our own, we really relied on hand signals to get our message across.

My book: The Love that Split the World by: Emily Henry. I can't really explain this book. I was so lost and honestly there's nothing else to it.

5. Sightseeing: A Book you picked up because it's really popular

My experience: When we went to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre, we could hardly even move without hitting someone else. It is probably the most famous piece of artwork ever, so it was a literal must-see.

My book: Geekerella by: Ashley Poston was everywhere around the blogosphere!! I have to say though, I was disappointed.

6. Dealing with the Desert: A book that was so addicting that you could have gone days without water just to finish it

My experience: I've never been to the desert, but I have been to Sicily which is basically the same thing. It is so hot and dry there that everything looks tan and brown. Kinda unbearable.

My book: An Ember in the Ashes by: Sabaa Tahir!! I honestly finished this book in one sitting.

7. Journey through the Jungle: A book that was hard to navigate through

My experience: Never been to the jungle! But I am an animal lover so I would love to visit one day.

My book: I really could not get through Me Earl and the Dying Girl by: Jesse Andrews. It was just, meh.

8. Holiday House in the Hamptons: A book you can always revisit

My experience: My family has a house in Niagara-on-the-lake that we always visit in the summer!

My book: The Outsiders. And I have talked about this book way too much in the past to give an explanation.

9. Souvenirs: A book you would give as a gift to a friend

My experience: Whenever a friend of mine travels to a place with a volcano, she brings me back a lava rock! I just think that's so cool.

My book: A Monster Calls by: Patrick Ness. I would give this book to anyone and everyone.

10. There's No Place Like Home: A book that always makes you feel at home

My experience: No matter where life takes me, Toronto will always be my home. It's a little sad since I've moved away for university, but I have so much love for that city.

My book: The Percy Jackson series!! This was the first series I took with me to University, and I will always love it.

That's it!! I'm tagging anyone interested :)

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Well, you've def. done a looooot more travelling than me! XD I've only been as far away as Nottingham in England. I honestly don't mind though - I can't leave Wales for long anyway, the hiraeth (the closest translation in English is 'homesickness' or 'yearning' but they really don't cover it - it's not translatable,) kicks in, even in England!

    1. That's ok! I'm definitely a homebody too and have to get over nervousness when I'm away. But it all pays off in the end :)

  2. Ahhh I've heard that Renee Ahdieh always has amazing descriptions of food in her books!

    And I totally agree with you about The Host. I was so pleasantly surprised too! Have you seen the movie? It's also fun, but definitely not as good as the book.

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. Haha yes, she's definitely not an author to read if you're hungry. I have seen the movie and I liked it as well!! Not quite as good as the book, but I think it was really well casted.