Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Month in Review: July

I am slowly but surely making my way back to my normal schedule! Hey everyone, I feel like we haven't talked properly in a while since I've been on vacation. But I am back and looking to be more active! Here's all about my crazy July vacation!

What I Read:

The Outsiders by: S.E. Hinton
Rumble Fish by: S.E. Hinton

Wow, a whopping two books! You'd think I'd have more time to read while away but I actually barely had time to do anything so: meh. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up a book again soon!

What I Blogged:

I had scheduled a few posts while I was away, and my favourite was on When Books Turn into TV Shows. It was good to get some things off my chest.

Favourite Blog Posts:

I feel like I didn't nearly read enough blog posts from others while I was away, which really sucks because I hate being inactive :( I'm really sorry, but I promise to be more active comments-wise soon!

Life Stuff:

I'm gonna try and keep things short and sweet, with a few pictures sprinkled in here and there! If you didn't know, my family and I went to Europe for 3 weeks. We started off in London, where we were caught up in London Pride and it was all really exciting! But my favourite highlight of London was seeing Les Miz on the West End. That musical means so much to me and it was an incredible show!

Then we went to Ghent, Belgium. There was this breathtaking Medieval castle there with a ton of weapons and actual torture instruments inside! I nerded out big time.

Next came Amsterdam. I think it's a fascinating city considering the fact that literally everything is legal there. Their red-light district was also interesting to see because they are so positive about sex and prostitution. They shed a different light on such a controversial issue.

We found the infamous Fault in our Stars bench!!!

We also saw the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam which was one of the most harrowing things ever. My mother actually started crying when we got into the room with her original diary in it. On the wall, was a quote from her wanting to be a writer. That really hit close to home.

The only picture I took of her house. I was too emotionally invested to get out my phone other than outside. 

Next we went to Germany! The history of Berlin was soooo cool, especially the things involving the Cold War. They actually have a cobblestone strip all across the city that marks where the Berlin wall stood.

We visited another castle outside of Berlin. It was gorgeous! 

Prague was one of my favourite cities to visit. The history involving that city was breathtaking, especially with all that happened during The Reformation. The coolest fact I learnt was that the lights all across the infamous castle in the city were bought by Mick Jagger, who was so taken by the castle that he wanted it to be seen at night!

Our last country was Italy. We went to the beach, but most of the time was spent in my dad's hometown visiting family and friends. We have a lot of memories in that place.

And... now I'm home! I had an amazing time away but I am happy to be back on home soil and getting everything in order for uni in the fall. Now, the stress begins!

How was your July?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Glad you had a good time! (Little-miss-jet-setter, lol.)

  2. AHHH you saw Les Miz!!! Lucky thing!! I love it so much - have you ever seen Phantom of the Opera? That's my favourite musical of all time <3 But I've never seen it live, unfortunately :(

    Hope you have a lovely August :) <3

    Amy @ A Magical World Of Words

    1. I haven't seen it! It's my mom's all-time fave and she was actually begging us to go see that instead of Les Miz, but we won the battle lol. I would like to see it sometime though! Thanks Amy :)

    2. OH okay! Well I hope you do get to see it soon!

  3. Wow! I knew you'd seen Les Miz and was SOOO jelly haha but I didn't know you went to so many other cool places too!

  4. WOOAAH!! That is one AHMAZING vacation *heart eyes* And it's totally cool to not read so much or blog so much while you're away :) I have been very bad with blog-hopping too 'cause COLLEGE! The professors are plotting to kill us i'm sure! :P

    1. Haha, I'm sure they are! Hope you're not too stressed, Uma!

  5. Amazing photos, Emily. :D That castle outside of Berlin looks magnificent. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation; have a great August!

    anna | annaish

    1. Thanks Anna! Hope you have a great August as well :)

  6. Sounds like it was an amazing trip! :D I love all the castles we have in Europe and it looks like you saw some beautiful ones - that one in Berlin especially! We unfortunately didn't get to see it when we were in Germany, but we saw the cobbles from the Berlin wall and it's just... so surreal to actually see it.

    1. It was extremely surreal!! I was sooo impressed with how cool the city was.

  7. I'm so late of this post, I've been so busy I can't believe I missed it. I've been waiting to hear about your trip. Looks fantastic, I'm definitely jealous. The Anne Frank house would be incredible to visit. Glad you had a great time, Emily!

    1. Thank you, Brooklyn! The Anne Frank house is definitely something that I would consider a must-see for any reader or writer.