Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Traitor to the Throne (Rebel of the Sands #2) by: Alwyn Hamilton

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Fantasy
Published: March 7, 2017 by: Viking Books
Pages: 513
Rating: 4.5/5 stars

Cunning gunslinger Amani al' Hiza now as a new mission: take down the vicious sultan and his regime before it's too late. To do this, Amani finds herself caught up in the sultan's harem, trying to gain access to his trust, all while desperately wondering where Jin, her partner has disappeared to, just when she started expressing feelings for him. Will Amani be able to take down the tyranny, or will she get caught just as she begins to get close?

I was so happy when Netgalley approved me for this book! I really liked Rebel of the Sands, and I definitely think that this book got even better in terms of plot. There were still some minor kinks that I would have liked to be worked out, but overall this was the sequel that I needed!

I really liked how plot-driven this novel was. There were many twists and turns that made me desperately wanting to keep flipping through. I got through this book so quickly because it was really high-action and so interesting! I definitely found the plot of this to be a huge improvement from Rebel of the Sands.

I also really loved Amani in this book. She was so fierce, as per usual, and she really took the reigns of her mission in this novel and put me in for a thrill. She was incredibly courageous, loyal and kind, and a terrific heroine that I always enjoy reading. Hamilton writes this character extremely well.

I enjoyed getting to know a bit more of the secondary characters in this book, although I did have some issues with Jin. I found him to be a bit flat in this book, which is a shame because I found him a lot more interesting in Rebel of the Sands. I feel like he was a lot more serious than charming and witty, and I wanted more from him.

But other than that, I think I enjoyed this book more than the first! It gave me a great continuation, and I am dying to know what happens next in the series! I need more Amani in my life!

Have you read Rebel of the Sands? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Sounds interesting! I've heard mixed things about Rebel of the Sands though.

    1. Yeah, I am happy I gave it a shot though because I am really liking it!

  2. I am so happy this book is just as fast-paced and action-packed as the first one! I was scared that it would fall into the typical "second book slump", and the story would get slower, but I'm happy to see that wasn't the case. I can't wait to read it! I loved the first book and I'm sure I'll love this one as well!

    1. I kind of had lower expectations for it because I thought it would be a boring sequel, but I'm so happy it surprised me! I hope you love it Lais :)