Wednesday, 17 August 2016

The Happiness Tag!

Thank you very very much to Ruzaika @ The Regal Critiques and Gennifer @ Ready Set Read for tagging me to do this adorable tag! You both make me very happy!

5 Things that Make you Happy 

Books- Well obviously this would be one of them! Books make me happy because it allows for me to be emotionally attached to characters and worlds that provide and escape from reality.

Good Food- There's nothing better than sitting down to one of your favourite foods. I love to cook, and there's something so rewarding about eating something that you've prepared.

Concerts- Concerts give me a thrill like no other. They allow me to let loose and be myself, and I always leave a concert feeling on top of the world.

Skincare- One of the things that leaves me most content is pampering my skin. Skincare is one of my passions, I enjoy the ritual of cleaning away the day and I love how relaxed I feel afterwards.

My dog- Last but not least, my dog makes me so happy! She's always there to cheer me up and her adorableness lifts me up!

5 Songs that Make you Happy 

Hair by: Little Mix- This song is my JAM! I can never not dance to this song and it lifts me up so much!

Castaway by: 5sos- This song always brings me back to a concert with my sister and cousin in which we literally went insane to this song. It brings back amazing memories.

Wolves by: One Direction- Yes I still like 1D and yes this song is such a bop. This band is a class act.

Fly with Me by: The Jonas Brothers- This band was the first band that I ever became obsessed with and I will never not love this song.

Rude by: Magic!- I LOVE THIS BAND SO MUCH! This song never fails to make me belt it out.

5 Bloggers that Make you Happy 

Cee @ Diary of a Reading Addict- For her constant support and brilliant encouragement!

Geraldine @ Corralling Books - For being one of the kindest bloggers out there!

Jillian @ Jillians Books- For being so nice and for putting out the most amazing posts!

Anna @ Annaish- For always being there to chat about the Raven Cycle and for being so passionate about the books she loves!

Denise @ The Bibliolater- For being so lovely all the time and for being a great friend!

That's all for this tag! I'd like to tag all of the bloggers I mentioned above, this post is oh so lovely :)

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Thanks for the tag! (And for yet another mention *blushes* - you spoil me!) I prefer cats to dogs but any form of furry friend is acceptable in my books! XD

  2. Lovely tag, Emily. Awwwww thank you so much!! <3 You and your blog make me happy too. Thanks for the tag!

    anna | annaish

  3. Thanks for mentioning me Emily! I have to agree with you on everything that makes you happy. I'd love to get into skincare more. When I do take care of my skin I get a great satisfaction from it, but I don't do it that often!

    1. I think skincare is just so rewarding in a sense! Thank you for tagging me Gennifer!

  4. I've never listened to any of those songs but I might have to if they make you so happy! I definitely agree about good food - knowing that you have an excellent meal on the way is just so satisfying. And my cats make me happy just like your dog does. :)

    1. Haha I hope you do listen to them! Especially Castaway, it's extremely well written! Cats or dogs, any pet can make me smile :)

  5. Oh yay- I'm glad you decided to do this tag, Em! It really is cute, isn't it? :D Yessss- books, good food and skincare are really, really important. They make me happy too! And Hair by Little Mix is perfection!

    1. Thank you for tagging me Ruzaika! I think I've listened to Hair a solid 30 times and I never get tired of it haha!