Wednesday 31 August 2016

Month in Review: August

Summer is officially over and I feel like crawling into a hole and dying because I'm entering grade 12 :( That being said, August was an amazing month and I'm so thankful for having an amazing summer.

What I Read: 

A Court of Mist and Fury by: Sarah J. Maas: 2/5 stars
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child by: J.K. Rowling and Jack Thorne: 4/5 stars
Me Before You by: Jojo Moyes: 4/5 stars
Finding Audrey by: Sophie Kinsella: 5/5 stars
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by: Ransom Riggs: 4/5 stars
Salt to the Sea by: Ruta Sepetys: 5/5 stars

Favourite book: Definitely Salt to the Sea! It's been a while since I've read historical fiction but I think it's the most amazing genre. This book was heartbreaking, but also called attention to some harrowing moments in history that not many people know about.

What I Blogged: 

I feel like this was the month of tags, tags and more tags! I was pretty busy to write posts so tags seemed like the easiest thing to do to be honest. I really liked the Book Sacrifice Tag, it was really fun to do and allowed me to get out some of my *harsh* opinions on books.

Favourite Blog Posts of the Month: 

Ruzaika does the 100 Questions Tag! 

Thomas explains the 9 Reasons why Social Media is Important for a Blogger. 

Denise goes on a Feminist Rant

Temecka has Five Reasons why You should Read Marley and Me  

Blogger of the Month: 

This month's featured blogger goes out to a blogger who I have known for a while, and I really want to show some appreciation for! It's Sierra @ The Nerdgirl Review! 

Sierra just celebrated her two year blogiversary, and throughout those two years I have seen her bring out the most honest and genuine posts. She speaks her mind and has a great blogging voice. This month goes out to you, Sierra!

Personally of the Month: 

The month started off with my family and I going off on vacation to Vermont. It was so beautiful up there and I never wanted to leave. I even got to zip line over Mount Mansfield, which was such a crazy experience. Definitely once in a lifetime.

When we came back it was just a matter of savouring the last month of summer as best as we could. I spent a lot of time with my cousins who were visiting from England, and it was great to see everyone together again. This was only a small portion of all my family together:

Now it just comes down to preparing for school to start and getting my life in order. I watched a lot of Game of Thrones and Friends to try and take my mind of things. I'm not excited for the school year if I'm being completely honest, and I am worried for the future. I think I just need to take things one day at a time.

That was my August! How was yours? Did you all have a good summer?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Glad you had a good month! XD

    Em. Chill. (Or, as my mother would say, 'never let the b*****ds get you down!') Cos you got this lovely. Enjoy what you can and don't let the rest stress you out (I know, I know, easier said than done.) Honestly, a few years from now you're going to realise that the stress just isn't worth it.

    That said, good luck, and I hope you do really well :) <3 <3 <3

    1. I really appreciate this Cee! Your mother seems really cool lol! I will definitely take this advice and try to chillax a bit. Thank you so much for the encouragement, it really means a lot <3

    2. Please never tell her that. I'll never hear the end of it ;)

  2. Apart from ACOMAF it looks like you had a good reading month! And a great personal month - your holiday sounds amazing! Love the picture of your family as well, you must have soo many relatives if that's only a small portion of them! I think my entire family would make up that picture :P What do you think to Game of Thrones? Personally, I didn't enjoy season 4 or 5, but 6 has made me really excited for it again as it felt more 'true' to me, if that makes sense?

    1. Haha needless to say I have A LOT of cousins! I really like Game of Thrones so far! It's kind of disturbing at parts, not gonna lie, but it gets my heart racing! I just need to catch up before season 7 now!

  3. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like ACOMAF. I loved the book; it might be one of my all time favorites, but I can see why some people might see it as problematic. Awww shucks thank you so much! :)

    1. Yeah it just didn't seem to add up for me. Which really sucks because I tried to give it a big chance :( You're very welcome! :)

  4. Okayy, I low-key tried to find you in that family picture, and I think I got it right?? (Behind the guy lying down in the floor). I'm sorry if I missed it completely!
    I also had a great reading month, considering the fact that I had two weeks of finals - aka the most stressful time of the year for me.
    And I can identify with you when you say you're worried about the future. I also feel this way sometimes, but you're right: we should just take one day at a time and everything will get better! :-D

    1. Haha you're actually right! You have a good eye Lais! Yay for good reading months! Hope your finals went well! We could all use some relaxation I think :)

  5. Glad you had such a great summer, Em! Good luck with school- you should definitely take things a day at a time, or you'd just end up feeling too overwhelmed about everything (says Ms. I'm-So-Cool). Looking forward to what you think of Me Before You- will you be reviewing it? I sure hope so. I loved that book *sighs*
    Thanks for the mention, Em!! You're the sweetestt!!!!

    1. Yeah I definitely think I will need to slow down this year. I will be reviewing Me Before You! I think it was an adorable book with an even bigger message. You're very welcome, Ruzaika!

  6. I really need to read Salt to the Sea!! And yeah I'm in 12th grade this year and I'm so ready for high school to end xD.

  7. I really need to read Salt to the Sea!! And yeah I'm in 12th grade this year and I'm so ready for high school to end xD.