Friday, 5 December 2014

Sisterhood of The World Bloggers Award!

Thank you so much to the lovely Claire @ Bookworm Reviews for nominating me to do this tag! This was so fun to do!


  • Thank your nominator and link back to them
  • Put the award picture in a post and/or on your blog
  • Answer ten questions your nominator asked 
  • Nominate ten* other bloggers who have not been nominated and ask them 10 questions
Questions from Claire: 

1. Introduce yourself! Bullet five random facts we don't know about you.
Hi! I'm Emily, a grade 10  blogger who is shamelessly obsessed with many book fandoms. 
-  I am the only person in my entire family/ extended family who is left-handed. 
-  My twin sister has always asked if she can put up a post on here, but she doesn't read. She just wouldn't understand the bookworm world :) 
- I had braces for 2 years and finally got them off yesterday! ( really random) 
- I am actively in about 15 fandoms I would say. I have no life. 
- I haven't told anyone but close family of my blog. No one at school knows. I just don't have that many bookworm friends. 

2. What's your biggest bookish pet peeve?
Definitely cliffhanger endings. I'm one of those people who's always asking for further details. 

3. Tell us about a character you love to hate.
Anna from Anna and The French Kiss. I found her to be just too ditzy and extremely impulsive. 

4. Do you DNF books? Why or why not?
Yes, because some books can be really boring and long, and just not worth my time when there are plenty other books out there. One book that I DNF was The Hobbit. It was not my style at all. 

5. Love triangles v. insta-love v. forbidden love. Which is the worst?
Love triangles because they always turn out cheesy and predictable. 

6. A book ship that just doesn't work for you.
This was a tough one because there's not really a lot of book couples that I do not ship. I think I would have to say Peeta and Katniss because I am a huge Everthorne shipper, and I thought that Gale did so much more for Katniss. 

7. Grab the book closest to you, turn to page 47, and type a quote from the second paragraph.
Allegiant by: Veronica Roth " I lunge toward the door. A hand grabs my arm and drags me to the side". 

8. Has a book ever made you cry? If yes, what book?
Many books have made me cry. If I were to name them all, we would be here all day! To name a few: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Allegiant, The Fault in Our Stars, Delirium 

9. Make a soundtrack of three or more songs to correspond with events happening in the most recent book you've read. 
The book I'm reading right now is Girl Online by: Zoe Sugg 
Song 1. All I Want for Christmas is You by: Mariah Carey. This is because right now, it involves a Christmas romance. 
Song 2. Girlfriend by: Avril Lavigne. This protagonist is really eager to date her crush. She's being really obvious about it too. 
Song 3. Little Me by: Little Mix. The protagonist is having a hard time dealing with becoming confident, and growing up. This is a good motivational song to be yourself. 

10. If you could live in any book setting, which would you choose? 
Obviously Hogwarts. Besides the magical and much easier world, I've always wanted to live in England. 

I couldn't think of many people to nominate who have not done this tag before, so I just nominate anyone who is interested! 

1. Your book OTP? ( one true pair) 
2. Top three favourite book fandoms? 
3. What inspired you to become a blogger? 
4. What would you say, can make a book a great read for you. i.e. nice characters, cliffhangers etc. 
5. What is in your opinion, the worst book-to-movie adaption you've seen or heard about? 
6. What book could you read over and over without getting sick of it? 
7. If you had the chance to become an author, what genre of book would you write? 
8. If you could interview any author, who would it be? 
9. What was the first book you read by yourself? (if you can remember) 
10. On average, how long does it take you to finish a really good book? 

Thanks again to Claire for nominating! 

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Great answers!! Cliff hangers are a pet peeve of mine too ;) I didn't know you have a twin! How cool :D

    Rachel @ A Perfection Called Books

    1. Sometimes I forget we're twins because we are polar opposites! She doesn't like to read at all. But I guess it's pretty cool how different we are. Thanks for stopping by :)