Tuesday, 1 November 2022

Month in Review: October

It's November, which means Christmas will be fast approaching and before we know it, it'll be 2023! Wow, time flies when you're having fun, or maybe just trying to get by. Either way, here's what happened in October. 

What I Read: 

Heat Wave by: TJ Klune: 3.5/5 stars 

How To Be Perfect by: Michael Schur: 4/5 stars 

Nick and Charlie by: Alice Oseman: 4/5 stars 

The Maid by: Nita Prose: 2/5 stars 

Dating Dr. Dil by: Nisha Sharma: 3/5 stars 

Solitaire by: Alice Oseman: 3/5 stars 

Favourite book: It was an okay reading month, but a rare month with no five star reads! I guess you can't win them all, but no book really blew me away in October. I suppose if we're going from ratings, How To Be Perfect was my favourite. It's a humourous non-fiction about morals and ethics by the tv writer Michael Schur, and it was fun! 

What I Blogged: 

My favourite post that I wrote this month was my discussion on how Changing Your Mind is Ok. It was great to get some things off my chest and share with you all some life updates! All of the comments left by y'all were so wise and useful as well. 

Favourite Blog Posts of the Month: 

It was Cee's 8th Blogiversary! 

Konna shares a Book Playlist for the Midnight Library 

Lais shares her All-Time Favourite FanFics

Life Stuff: 

October had me discovering what I want to do with my life. For more information, see my favourite blog post! But other than that, it was a fun month full of spooky happenings and being hard at work preparing school applications. I'm very excited for November, because not only do I feel ready to begin Christmas festivities, but I will also be going to Italy at the end of the month with my family! I'm so excited as I haven't travelled since before the pandemic and I am thrilled to be going back to Italy. My dad still has family in Italy, so I'm sure there will be some emotional reunions. 

Other than that, stay tuned for festive posts in the coming months and maybe even more life updates! Who knows at this point. 

That was my October? How was yours? 

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Too bad about not finding more 4 and 5 star books in October. Hope this month is better.

  2. Thanks for the link Em! :)

    Glad you had a pretty cool month, and hope you have fun travelling! :)

  3. Congrats on your Italy trip! That sounds awesome. I'm ready for the holiday cheer too. I see the Maid got two stars- that's good to know since I've been mulling that one. I like Alice Oseman also.

    I hope you love moon of the Crusted Snow. Are you studying post apoc fiction or indigenous writers?

    1. The Maid had so much potential, but ended up just being such a boring book with really stereotypical characters.

      I'm studying post apocalyptic fiction written by Indigenous authors! It's such a cool, ever- changing genre and I'm always looking for more recommendations.

    2. That sounds fabulous! What an amazing course of study. :)

  4. I've read the post about your PHD and some insights are things that I'm working on right now as well. I'm a bit of a control freak and can ponder on things forever, until I feel a huge spike of anxiety. Good for you that you will keep applying for PHD programs! :)

    1. Thanks Esther! I guess I'm sorry that you relate to my indecisiveness, but hope you get through it nonetheless!