Friday, 3 June 2022

Month in Review: May

I survived May! After a very busy, nerve-wracking month, I am so happy to be into June and I am ready to kick-off the summer. Here's what happened in May: 

What I Read: 

Heartstopper: Volumes 1-3 by: Alice Oseman: 5/5 stars 

Bunny by: Mona Awad: 2/5 stars 

Life In The City of Dirty Water by: Clayton Thomas-Muller: 4/5 stars 

The Break by: Katherena Vermette: 3/5 stars 

Four Aunties and a Wedding by: Jesse Q. Sutanto: 4/5 stars 

Jameela Green Ruins Everything by: Zarqa Nawaz: 4/5 stars 

Embers by: Richard Wagamese: 4/5 stars 

Favourite book: The Heartstopper series ruled my May reading. In honour of the tv show premiere, I decided to read the graphic novels, and I am absolutely loving them. They are so cute and wholesome, and I can't wait to get to volume four. 

What I Blogged: 

My favourite blog post of this month was my discussion on Why I Am A Fan of Fan-Fiction. It is a revision of a post I put up in 2016, and I was so happy to share my updated thoughts on fan-fiction and reasons why the genre is so great. 

Favourite Blog Posts: 

Cee discusses Rich Vamps: Dracula and the Blood of the Poor 

Nicole asks: Does Your Right To Free Speech Extend To My Blog? 

Sabrina shares 10+ Booktubers I Love 

Life Stuff: 

This month, I attended my first academic conference in Montreal, which was scary, but I am proud of myself for how it went. I met so many lovely professors in my field, and the experience will definitely help me in the future. I rewarded myself with some fun shopping in the later parts of the month, and some much needed downtime before I begin writing my major research paper. 

Which now leads me to the heart of my MA degree: my major research paper. The paper needs to be completed by the end of August, and is roughly 40 pages. I'm procrastinating... a lot. I think I've fallen a bit off of the wagon in terms of schooling, so I definitely need to hop back on and stay focused. My blogging schedule should still stay the same, but I definitely need to manage my time better. 

So, that was my May! It's time to get down to business, wish me luck! 

How was your May? 

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Good luck with the paper!

    I just finished stranger Things!

    1. How did you enjoy it given the length of the final episode? I loved the plot twists, I thought the last episode was amazing.

    2. I really liked it. I've been complaining about the episode lengths but I thought the last two episodes really redeemed it since I was a little bored early on. It got really creepy with the lab and those reveals, and the Demogorgon stuff was intense!

    3. I agree! Glad you enjoyed it. I though Jamie Campbell-Bower's performance was incredible.

  2. Good luck with your research paper! And well done on the conference!

    And thanks for the shoutout Em! :) <3

    1. Thank you Cee! Hope you're feeling better :)

    2. A little - testing negative now, at least. Covid is no joke!

  3. I had to write a research paper as well and I'm a person that does everything at the last moment. I then locked myself in a room for 5 days and just pumped it out. It wasn't great but I just couldn't get myself to do it sooner tbh.

    I can't wait to read Heartstopper! I've decided to buy it as a gift for myself to celebrate our new house, lol.

    1. Balancing my job and writing the paper has been a struggle. Usually I'm someone who can really stay motivated but now I'm having a tough time with the focusing. I think I need to take things slow so as to not get burnt out!

      I hope you enjoy Heartstopper!