Friday, 1 May 2020

Month in Review: April

Another month of quarantine is behind us. I definitely thought that April went by a lot faster than March, which is great! I guess I might be becoming more used to this whole isolation thing. That being said, I really hope it's over soon.

What I Read: 

Yes No Maybe So by: Becky Albertalli and Aisha Saeed: 4/5 stars
The Selection by: Kiera Cass: 4/5 stars
Rich People Problems by: Kevin Kawn: 4/5 stars
Two Can Keep a Secret by: Karen M. Mcmanus: 4/5 stars

Favourite book: It was the month of 4/5 stars! However, I think my win for favourite book goes to Rich People Problems. It is the last book in the Crazy Rich Asians series, and I thought it did a good job at wrapping things up. I'm actually really sad to let this series go.

What I Blogged:

Yay for consistent blogging! My favourite post of the month was my OMG! That Song! Book Tag. My music taste is all over the place (kinda like my book taste), so it was nice to share my favourite songs with you all.

Favourite Blog Posts: 

Cee shares her love for the tv show Arrow in a heartfelt letter. 

Erin features a guest post of fellow book bloggers' favourite quarantine reads. 

Jillian explains Why Student Journalism Matters 

Life Stuff: 

Like I said, this month went by a lot faster than March. I am happy because I am officially done 3rd year! This year did not end how I expected it to, but everything got finished, and my marks look ok, so that's all I can ask for. I will be taking a summer course though, simply because I have a lot more time on my hands now, and I figured I might as well gain a credit now so I'm not scrambling in the fall.

My sister and I started watching RuPaul's Drag Race this month. We absolutely love it! I think it's such a motivating, light-hearted show with an important message. I think it's also educated me on how I can be a better ally. Overall, it has really lifted my spirits.

I also started properly watching Schitt's Creek. I have caught a few episodes here and there in the past, but finally decided to watch it from the beginning. It is absolutely hilarious, and also makes me so proud as a Canadian that a show lead entirely by Canadians has made it so big all across the world.

In May, I am looking to improving my mental health, staying positive, and leaning on hope. Also, looking forward to some warmer weather, which has definitely brightened up my mood in the past!

How was your April? Have you read or watched anything good in isolation?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. I'm glad your month was positive, all things considered. What will your summer course be about? Also, I like the sound of your May plan 😉.
    Here in Italy things are getting better, here's hoping that we can start living a more normal life soon...

    1. I have heard that things are improving in Europe! That’s great to hear. Canada has started laying out groundwork to reopen the economy, but I hope they don’t rush to open things when the virus is still thriving. I don’t want things to get better, only for the virus to spread again. Anyways, the course I’m taking is an indigenous literature course. It basically reflects the literature of Native Canadians and their relationships with colonizers. I’m excited, because I don’t often explore Native writers as much as I should.

      Hope your May is great too, Roberta!

  2. Glad to see you had a good reading month! All books being 4/5 is pretty awesome!
    Congratulations on being done with your 3rd year!
    I hope you have a great May, Emily! :)

  3. I'm glad this month was a great reading month! I was also a bit sad when the Crazy Rich Asians series finished - I think I devoured that series in a week?
    Also, yay for liking RuPaul's Drag Race + Schitt's Creek! So many of my friends watch those two but I haven't started watching them. I've tried Schitt's Creek, but wasn't a big fan :(

    1. I actually watched the first two episodes of Schitt’s Creek a long time ago, but didn’t think it was funny and dropped off. Then months later, I started catching more episodes and found myself laughing out loud. So, I started it back up! I don’t think the pilot does the show justice.

  4. It's been sometime since I've had my eyes on Rich People Problems and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed it!
    I hope that you will have a wonderful and positive May :)

    1. Thanks Konna! I absolutely loved that book :D

  5. Thank you so much for the link! XD <3 <3 <3

    And congrats on finishing your 3rd year! Woo! XD <3

  6. I thought April really flew by! Wow. And congrats on finishing 3rd year! I've never seen schitt's creek but I've heard good things. I may need to check it out, I always need a new show to binge haha!

    Take care and have a nice week!

    1. Thanks Greg! I would really recommend the show. It’s very clever in its humour and super easy to get through!

  7. You're right--April just FLEW by. Also, thank you SO much for featuring my blog post and for contributing to it. And congratulations for officially finishing third year! That is amazing. I will also be taking a Summer course and it will be strange to take it online. My April was okay! I turned 20 and baked a lot. I hope you have a wonderful May!

    1. Thanks for including me in the blog post, Erin! I am really looking forward to this course as it gives me something to do lol. Hope you have a good May as well!

  8. Have you read The Selection for the first time, or was it a reread? Either way, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I used to love that series, and I have such fond memories of it. I'm happy to hear that Rich People Problems wrapped up the series well - and yep, here's my reminder AGAIN to continue with the series. I'm happy you're enjoying Schitt's Creek - I love that show, and I'm SO ANGRY it was taken off Netflix, at least in Hungary, I don't know about other countries. I have no idea when I'll be able to continue it this way. :(

    Okay, so, the highlight of my April was The Magnus Archives. I don't typically listen to podcasts, but this is SO GOOD, and I'm genuinely so obsessed with it. If you're interested, give it a listen and then let me know what you think, lol. I keep recommending it to everyone, it's just THAT good.

    1. The Selection is a re-read for me haha. That series is my feel-good series. I always read it when I need a pick me up. Schitt’s Creek is still on Netflix here, but probably because it’s a Canadian series. That sucks that they took it off in Hungary! I believe that everyone should have access to that show.

      Thanks for the podcast recommendation! I have gotten really into podcasts this year, so any recommendation is appreciated. I love how passionate you are about this particular podcast :D

  9. Love it when a series ends on a high note (even if you are sad to see it go). Congrats on being done with the school year!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction