Friday, 6 September 2019

Month in Review: August

Hello all! Long time no see. I know we are already in September, but I finally have some free time and I feel as if a lot happened in August that I would like to wrap-up. So, here is my month in review:

What I Read: 
Heretics Anonymous by: Katie Henry: 4/5 stars 

That's all. Technically I started Helen of Troy in August as well, but the combined over 600 pages and my reading slump didn't help me get through that one quickly. I just finished it yesterday. But, with school starting, I am oddly starting to get back on track with reading! I have already finished two books this month!

What I Blogged: 

My favourite blog post I posted this month was My Struggle to find a Blog-Life Balance. I know, no surprise there. But I recievied a lot of tips and insights from you guys that I hope I can put to good use! 

Favourite Blog Posts: 

Lais writes to Her Favourite Bloggers

Life Stuff: 

A lot happened in August. The first half was consumed by work, but then I had an entire three weeks off for vacation. I went to the Finger Lakes with my family, which was so fun and I am still sad that it went by so quickly. I was even able to pick up a gorgeous copy of Greek Tragedies from a vintage bookstore while there. 

I also went to The Jonas Brothers concert. I have loved The Jonas Brothers for 11 years and I always knew I would go back to their concerts if they reunited. It was easily the best concert I have ever been to. 

Some sad stuff happened at the end of the month. My parents revealed to me and my sister that they are selling our house, which was really anxiety-inducing because I hate change and I have lived in the same house all my life. But, I am slowly coming to terms with it. 

Overall, August was more hectic than May, June and July combined. But I did feel like it made up for the somewhat crappy summer I did have, and I spent a lot of time with family which was nice. Now I am in the first week of third year, and am drowning in first assignments. However, I am excited to get back into a routine and some of the courses I am taking seem really cool. Hopefully this year doesn't kick my butt. 

So that was my August. I know this is late, but did you do anything fun over the month? 

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Glad you had a (mostly) fun August! :) And you know this post is totally not late! (Mine isn't up yet! Lol.)

    1. Haha, me and you like to procrastinate those month in reviews :D

  2. I hate change too, I'm sorry the move is causing stress :( It's such a hard thing to adjust to.

    I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation, and got to go to the concert! Yay!

    Really hope your assignments go well :)

    1. Thanks Amy! Have a good September as well :)

  3. Oh man, I'm so jealous of you for the Jonas Brothers concert! I don't think I was ever a HUGE fan when I was a teen - I liked some of their songs, but definitely not all of them - but I adore their new album. Glad you had a great time!! I hope this semester will be a good one for you, it's always great when you enjoy the classes you're taking. :) Also, I want to read Heretics Anonymous, so I'm happy to see you liked it.

    1. I hope you’ll get to see them if they ever come to Hungary! Their new album is awesome. Heretics Anonymous was hilarious. I’ll put up a review soon :)