Wednesday 13 June 2018

Queens of Geek by: Jen Wilde

Genre: Young Adult Fiction, Contemporary
Published: March 14, 2017 by: Swoon Reads
Pages: 262
Rating: 3/5 stars

SupaCon is a place where fandoms unite to become a family. Introverted Taylor knows that all too well, she is looking forward to attending the con with her best friend Jamie, and she is even considering telling him that she may want to be something more. On the other side of the con, Charlie is an extroverted vlogger and actress promoting her first movie, and trying to conceal her feelings for Alyssa Huntington, a cool-girl actress who appeared unexpectedly as a surprise guest. Throughout the con, relationships will be tested, and hopefully, new ones forming too.

I don't really know what drew me to this book. I was in kinda a slump when I started it, and just wanted something quick and lighthearted. While I definitely got just that, I'm not sure this book wowed me enough for me to rate it high.

It was a cute novel. Having been to con's before, it was fun to read a book that takes place during an entire day at a con, where a lot can happen in so little time. I appreciated the diversity and the fact that the author showed that fans come from all different walks of life.

It did seem a bit childish for me. The writing seemed very middle-grade and especially the whole "internet star" theme took me back to when I was thirteen. I would love to read more mature versions of books like these, as I have found that a lot of the lighthearted contemporaries I seem to read nowadays don't really strike me as interesting.

Overall, I think this book is great for anyone who appreciates a good fandom, but don't expect anything groundbreaking. It was just ok, and very predictable.

Have you read Queens of Geek? What did you think?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. I've seen this book around a lot lately, but I haven't read it yet. Though the cover and title are what keeps catching my attention.

    1. A lot of people say that the cover is very pretty! I hope you enjoy it :)

  2. (It's the pink hair on the cover. It mesmerises potential readers.)

    *ahem* brain is a random place.

    *Anyway* I've heard a lot of good about this, but it's interesting to hear that it reads quite young. :)

    1. Yes! I was not expecting it to be as young as it was. I totally get that, a lot of people really love the cover.

  3. I really liked this, but I do have to agree with you - it reads a bit too young for a young adult novel. I was a huge fan of various aspects of it, though - like how body-positive it was, or the friendships or the diversity - and those rounded my rating up to 4 stars. Great review!

    Veronika @ The Regal Critiques

    1. Thanks Veronika! In a way I think it was great for such a diverse book to be brought to a middle grade age group, but it just wasn’t what I was expecting.