Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Month in Review: January

Exams are upon me and I could not be more stressed. However, 2017 hasn't been so bad so far so I'm just looking forward to starting a new semester. Here's what happened in January:

What I Read: 

I was in full-on reading mode this month! I finally broke my 3-month long slump, and look how much I accomplished! It feels so good. Also, I was really excited as I got my wish granted on Netgalley to receive a Traitor to the Throne ARC! I have never gotten an ARC wish, so it was a really exciting moment for me and made me so thankful for these opportunities :) Here's what I read:

Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer by: Rick Riordan: 4/5 stars
Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by: Benjamin Alire Saenz: 5/5 stars
Challenger Deep by: Neil Shusterman: 5/5 stars
The Female of the Species by: Mindy Mcginnis: 5/5 stars
Girl Mans Up by: M.E. Girard: 4.5/5 stars
Rumble Fish by: S.E. Hinton: 4/5 stars
Traitor to the Throne by: Alwyn Hamilton: 4/5 stars
Code Red by: Janie Chodosh: 3.5/5 stars

Favourite Book: I re-read Ari and Dante in the physical format (I had used the audiobook before.) and can definitely confirm that it was even more magical for me. I am very passionate about this book now.

What I Blogged: 

8 posts went up this month! My favourite was my participation in Disability Diaries, in which I reviewed Challenger Deep! This was an amazing event and I loved each and every post.

Favourite Blog Posts: 

Cee says that there's No Shame, No Stigma in revealing your illnesses.

Lais discusses all about Book Titles!

A.M.B. explains her diverse book: Anusha of Prospect Corner

Sam talks about Fixing Bad Bookish Habits and Resolutions

Life Stuff: 

Exams are currently happening but to be honest I am so ready to get rid of these classes and start fresh. Especially dump history forever.

I also am still a vegetarian! I'm still keeping it up and have been feeling healthy so far, although for my cousin's birthday in a few days we're going to a Brazilian steakhouse, so idk how I'm going to dodge that.

I have a job! Well, technically I've finished it now, but over December I worked in retail for the Christmas season and they decided to keep me in on an on-call basis! It's been good experience.

And that was my first month of 2017! How was yours? I hope it was good!

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. Thanks so much for joining in with #DisabilityDiaries2017 (and for the shoutout! *blushes*) Glad you had a good month! XD

  2. Oh thank you so much for the honorable mention! That was such a nice surprise,thank you haha!

    I understand you so much about Ari and Dante...They're like my little babies that live and are taken care of on my shelve, and every now and then, I visit them and we have the best time together, haha. That book will always have such a special space in my heart! I adore the author's writing, and I pray that his new book coming out this year will be just as magical!

    I salute you on the vegetarian front! Especially since you seem to live in a non-vegetarian family...Like I wish I could do that but my family literally doesn't know a meal without some kind of meat, so that'd be so tricky. I'm thinking maybe one day when I'm living on my own, I'll try it. But as I said, cheers to you for managing!

    Loved this post, good job!
    -Sam. x

    1. You're very welcome, Sam! I definitely will always hold a special place on my shelf for Ari and Dante lol! And yes, I come from a meat-loving Italian family, but honestly it's not as hard as I thought it would be! My mom is pretty accommodating, but as long as I assured her that the entire family didn't have to go vegetarian, she was good.

  3. Glad to see you had a good month, reading and personal-wise! Me... haha not so much. I am so busy with school, work, research, that I have little to no time to enjoy things like reading or even sleeping. Good luck with your exams and I hope you stay out of the reading slump!

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, Sierra! I hope things calm down for you:)

  4. Yayy, I'm glad you enjoyed my discussion on book titles! I'm also happy you had a great month.
    I also re-read Ari & Dante this January. I wanted to read it during a summer afternoon, but the day I finally picked it up was super rainy and cloudy. I still loved the experience, though, but I think the atmosphere made the entire story sound even sadder to me. When I read it for the first time, I felt a very warm and great feeling, but this time around, my heart was broken. This book is beautiful!
    I wish you luck on your vegetarian life! As a Brazilian, I can say it's tough to resist our great barbecue, but there are also delicious food you can eat at a steakhouse without meat. Let me know how that goes, hahah.
    I hope you have a great February, Emily!

    1. Thanks Lais! Hope you have a great February too! Yeah I am definitely say that Ari and Dante does leave you a little gloomy when you read it in winter, but honestly I could read that book all year around! I don't know how I'll be able to resist, but hopefully it all works out!

  5. I've been so busyyy these past few weeks, and the coming ones are going to be too- my sister is here for a month (from the UK) and I'm busy baby-stting my nephew and niece :D And final year at uni started too, GAH.
    Omg you read Femal of the Species!!! I'd LOVE to read your review- I've only heard great things about the book so far! And Ari and Dante is on my Diversity Bingo tbr =, so I'll be picking it up sometime soooooon and I'm so excited for it!

    1. Well I hope things can calm down a bit for you, Ruzaika! Babysitting can be tough lol! Ari and Dante is such a magical book and I hope you love every second of it!! The Female of the Species was amazing too, my review will be up soon :)