Tuesday, 1 March 2016

50 Facts About Me!

While pondering about what to do for Paperback's Pondering's, I realized that I do not have many personal posts up here. I do enjoy reading about other people's interesting facts, so I thought I'd give it a go. So this isn't technically a discussion, but it did get me thinking all the same. Hopefully I have some things in common with you!

50 Random Facts about Me 

1. I am left-handed.
2. I would prefer to spend my money on skincare rather than makeup.
3. I have to have a square of dark chocolate right after my dinner, I have no idea why, but I've been doing it for years.
4. I hate most fruit, but especially tomatoes.
5. I have been a One Direction fan for 4 and a half years.
6. My blog name was taken from the Robert Munsch book, The Paperbag Princess.
7. I have never seen Titanic.
8. Eddie Redmayne is my favourite actor.
9. Steve Hale from Full House will always be my favourite tv character.
10. I've only seen Mean Girls once and hated it.
11. I love watching Youtube videos.
12. I hate watching Vine videos and think they serve no purpose.
13. I am an introvert through and through.
14. I prefer to hide my feelings rather than share them.
15. I have come to the conclusion that I will never like math.
16. I was supposed to be born in January, which would put me back a year in school than I am now.
17. My favourite pizza topping is spinach (weird, I know)
18. Despite being Italian, I do not like Italian desserts at all and would rather have French desserts.
19. I do love to bake even though it's tedious.
20. I get angry very easily.
21. It takes me a long time to make friends.
22. I used to be a speech writer and entered in competitions.
23. I am so gullible.
24. My dog Lilo that I have now was the first pet I've ever had.
25. I prefer movies to tv shows.
26. My pet peeve are liars.
27. I am a neat freak, especially when it comes to bathrooms.
28. I have incredibly thick, bushy hair that I have completely lost control of.
29. My nickname when I was young was "rat". So unfortunate.
30. I am really close to my cousins and consider them my best friends.
31. When I was little, I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver.
32. Despite me loving the subject, English is never my highest mark in school.
33. I'm described as basically being a 65 year old trapped in a teenager's body.
34. I do not consider myself a procrastinator.
35. I prefer individual to group assignments.
36. I am terrible with anything techy.
37. I hate rap music.
38. I prefer to dress casual than fancy.
39. I am a dog person.
40. Social gatherings stress me out.
41. I overthink everything.
42. I constantly worry about what other people think of me.
43. I am the most sarcastic person you'll ever meet.
44. I believe that laughter is the best medicine.
45. I love watching plays.
46. I hate the sound of a raspy voice.
47. It grates on my nerves when people tap me on the shoulder, idk it just annoys me.
48. When I start laughing, it takes me a long time to stop.
49. I have a really big extended family.
50. I am a bookworm, but I bet you already knew that ;)

Phew, that's it! What are some facts about yourself, or do we have anything in common?

Emily @ Paperback Princess


  1. If I were to tell you everything we have in common, it would be an extremely long list. :D

  2. I'm terrible at maths (yes, I said maths not math, because that's the way the Brits roll :P ) but I also have suspected dyscalculia (like dyslexia, only with maths, direction & time,) so I have an excuse. And I managed to squeeze out a B in my maths GCSE, so I'm happy. As you've probably been able to tell, I worry about things *a lot* and socially awkward probably doesn't begin to cover it ;) I'm sure you're less anxiety-ish than I am (and if you're not, that's OK too ;) )

    1. Math has always been that subject where I've been ok just to pass. Luckily I do not have to take it next year, so I'm trying to drop it as soon as I can. I can get pretty worked up and anxious about a lot of things, but it's good to see that so many people feel the same way as well :)

    2. If I can pass well without being able to tell the time on an analogue clock, then I'm sure you'll do fine ;) and passing is passing, after all :)

  3. I love spinach on pizza - and just in general - too, and my hair is also very thick and uncontrollable. However, I am a massive procrastinator and am a cat person through and through - not keen on dogs at all! Great post, I hope you decide to make some more personal posts because I love learning more about bloggers. :)

    1. It's just one of those weird foods that's so good! I am open to both cats and dogs, but perhaps I'm just biased to the fact that I've only ever been around dogs. Thanks Charlotte!

  4. Yay, a personal post! So cool to find this out!
    I think your chocolate square after dinner routine is so cool - I usually don't have desserts, and when I do, I EAT TOO MUCH xD
    Eddie Redmayne is just so amazing haha - he's not my favourite actor (I don't have one) but he's on my list of favourite actors! So glad there's gonna be three Fantastic Beast movies to see him in :O :D
    What French desserts do you like? I'll have to try them out sometime! I dunno if you can tell, but I REALLY like desserts haha xD

    1. Haha don't we all love desserts! I love creme brûlée, crepes, and macaron cookies. It's actually become a routine for me, whenever I go to a new city I have to go to the nearest bakery and try their macarons! And I was so excited when Eddie got the role!

  5. Are you sure you and I aren't twins? I swear, we are SO alike. I'm also sarcastic, hate math (and vines), love YouTube, think Mean Girls is WAY overrated (why is it so popular?), AND I'm an introvert who loves baking (but mostly the end product). I love reading personal posts. And, really, I had NO idea you were a bookworm... who would have thought. ;D

    1. Haha maybe we were separated at birth! I honestly don't know how it's so popular, the jokes are terrible in my opinion. And yeah, surprisingly I do enjoy a good book every once and a while lol!

  6. This is great learning so much about you! Half my family is left-handed as well. Well, close to half (3/7) which is quite interesting considering the overwhelming right-handedness in OVERALL society. Even though I don't particularly hate Mean Girls, I will admit that's it's super overrated. I feel the same way with the Italian thing! I'm Filipino but I tend to not like Filipino foods. And of course we knew fact #50 ;)

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jess! No one in my entire family and extended family is left handed, I am literally the odd one out. Yeah I think because when I was young Italian food was forced upon me so much, that now I'm just sick of it!

  7. Yes! I loved reading your facts! Don't worry I love spinach too! Me too I barely wear make up and spend more money on skincare items! I hate the sound of a raspy voice, typing it just makes me want to cringe! I overthink everything too and its actually the worst thing ever. Anyway, this is a great post!

    1. Glad to see we have a lot of things in common! And yeah, I even hate the word "raspy". It makes me weird!